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Room 4MB make chocolate truffles

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As part of project Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we made chocolate truffles.  We know that truffles are unhealthy so we can only have them as a treat once in a while.  We have learnt that chocolate comes from cocoa beans which grow in trees in hot countries.  We had to measure butter, coconut, biscuits and cocoa powder.  Then we mixed the dry ingredients together, melted butter and the condensed milk and added that to the dry ingredients.  When everything was mixed together, we put it in the fridge to chill.  We could roll it into balls and coat with coconut when it had cooled.  Finally we put them in our boxes which we had designed and made.

Our Perfect Pizzas

Room eight is learning about Europe so we made pizza from Italy.   In our groups we chose our toppings; chicken, ham, cheese, pepperoni, sweetcorn and tomato puree but Mrs Willox bought the bases.  We spread the tomato puree on our bases and sprinkled our toppings on top.  They tasted delicious.    P3110007 P3110010

Primary 1 in Room 3 make a gingerbread house.

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Our friendly dragon sent us gingerbread moulds and a recipe to make a gingerbread house because we are learning about Hansel and Gretel in our Fairyland Project.

First we washed our hands so that we wouldn’t get germs on the gingerbread.

We had to measure the ingredients, mix the ingredients, knead the dough and then pushed the dough in to the moulds.  We put the moulds in the oven.

When the gingerbread was cool we used icing to build it and decorate it with sweeties.

We learnt that sweets should only be eaten for treats.

Room 13 make dishes from the 50s and 60s

We have made 3 different dishes from the past. We made lentil soup for a starter, Cottage Pie for a main and Bread and Butter pudding for dessert.

We had to use sharp knifes for cutting vegetables, we had to use scales to measure ingredients, we had to make sure we did everything in time, we had to wash vegetables, we had to mix ingredients, we had to cook ingredients and make sure all surfaces and dishes are washed and clean.

It was good to get a responsibility to be trusted with using sharp knifes and cooking near hot ovens. These are quite easy to make at home.

We did some calculations after cooking our dishes and we found out that it is cheaper to make this than buying it from a supermarket. We also found that you know exactly what is in the homemade dishes whereas we didn’t know exactly what is in the shop-bought dishes.

Overall, we really enjoyed the experience and the dishes tasted good too!

P6 Room 8 make pizza for Room 5 P2.

We were learning about healthy eating so we decided to make healthy Pizza. We had to choose healthy ingredients so we visited Tesco to select them. We learned about the chillers and how food is preserved and visited the bakery to see how dough was made. On the day we were cooking, we washed our hands first. Then prepared our toppings. That included frying bacon, slicing peppers and slicing and rolling pepperoni. We bought cheese, chicken and pineapple already prepared. When we assembled our pizza we spread tomato purée on the bases, then we added grated cheese and finished them with the toppings. Some of us took them to the canteen to be cooked in the big ovens. When they were cooked we shared them with P2, Room 5. We tried them too and they were very tasty.

Room 4 bakes bread for Room 12, Primary 6

Our project was the Egyptians and they ate bread so we decided to make some. First we had to wash our hands because we didn’t want germs on the food. We weighed out some brown flour, yeast and salt. We added water and mixed it until the mixture formed a ball. Then we put flour on our hands and kneaded it for a long time. We rolled the dough into balls for bread rolls and wrapped them in plastic bags to prove. Later that day we put them in the oven. Room 12 came to visit our class and we shared the rolls with them.