Our Uniform

School Uniform

At Tannadice we hope to develop in our pupils, a sense of identity and belonging to our school community. One way of doing this is to encourage all pupils to wear our school uniform as this helps to instil a sense of pride and team spirit within our school.

We also encourage parents to consider donating to and using our uniform bank. Contact school for details.

Please consider the changeable nature of weather conditions and provide your child with appropriate outerwear and footwear to suit. We encourage slippers or the use of indoor shoes.

The recommended uniform is as follows :-

Pullover/Cardigan/Sweatshirt – Navy
Shirt/Blouse/Polo Shirt – White
Trousers/Shorts – Navy blue or Grey
Skirt/pinafore/culottes – Navy blue, Grey or Tartan
School Tie – Sky Blue/navy motif
Summer Dress – Blue gingham

P7 pupils may also wear their P7 Hoodies which are kindly donated by our Parent Council (TPSA). This is a special privilege for P7 pupils.

School ties, sweatshirts/cardigans, polo-shirts, gym t-shirts and school jackets can be purchased directly from the following website:

https://www.border-embroideries.co.uk or their shop in Dundee.

Children will also need indoor shoes (gym shoes or slippers) and a water bottle. Please name all items.

PE Kit

Pupils are required to wear shorts, gym shoes and T-shirts for Physical Education lessons. In cases where pupils cannot tie their laces, slip on or Velcro gym shoes are strongly recommended.
tops. The wearing of jewellery during gym can constitute a hazard and must be removed. Long hair should also be tied back.

On the days where physical activity has been scheduled  P1-P3 pupils should wear their shorts and T-shirts to school with black or navy jogging bottoms and their school sweatshirt/cardigan/pullover on top. This maximises actual time spent on physical activity so that the minimum two hours requirement can be achieved. Football shirts should be saved for out of school.