Meet our Staff

Head Teacher  (Acting)  Mrs K Smith

We currently have 4 classes:

P1 –  Mrs N McMaster

P2/3 – Mr F Ballantyne (Mondays), Ms L Pirnie (Tues to Fri)

P4/5-  Mrs J Mortimer (M/Tu/W) & Mr F Ballantyne (W/Th/F)

P6/7- Miss J Towns


Mrs D Samson– Senior EYP

Miss K Henderson – EYP

Ms N Reid – EYP (Tues to Thurs)

Mrs P Saunders – EYP (Fri)

Mrs L Sinclair– EYA

Around the School, we have:

Mrs K Gourlay – Clerical and SPSA
Mrs J Sharkey– School and Pupil Support Assistant (SPSA)

Mrs McIntosh– Catering Assistant
Mr Cormie – Janitor

Visiting Staff:

Mr M  Moncrieff – Active Sports Co-ordinator

Mrs M Smith – ASN Support