Message from S6

As senior school pupils, we face many challenges such as the lasting effects of Covid-19 and the uprise in mental health problems. At Brechin High School, we have felt well supported through these challenges and many other issues we face. The majority of teachers have gone out of their way to ensure we are the best prepared we can be for our exams and we believe that the advice, resources and support given has been imperative to our successful studying. Our school has also provided us with the unique opportunity of one-to-one chromebooks, meaning we can study, learn and practise our content when and wherever.

Beyond school, we feel ready for the next step in our lives, whether that be university, college or work. External speakers have provided us with unique insights into next steps and partners of the school have provided us with unique opportunities for our next stage in education.

Additionally, we feel that the opportunities given to us throughout these years, including trips and responsibilities have greatly impacted our development. Coming into S6, we have felt a positive change in how our teachers treat us, with more trust and independence being gained. This responsibility has travelled wider in school than just learning, for all pupils, through extra curricular activities such as the school show, or through the use of various independent learning areas in the school. We are thankful for the support and opportunities we have received at Brechin High School.


I have enjoyed the freedom of S6. I have found chromebook to be an essential part of my learning experience in Brechin High School. My trip to Rwanda was life changing and educational.


I really enjoyed the S6 common area and how it brought people together.


Teachers give you responsibility for your own learning, and how you feel trusted. I have enjoyed the new uniform which makes me feel comfortable in school


I feel that the common area has brought me closer to people that I originally was not as close with.


I think the year group has come together, much more than in previous years. I have enjoyed the freedom given to me. I am thankful to our head team for bringing back the captains concert, which I thoroughly enjoyed.


I have enjoyed a selection of the food at break. I have really enjoyed the common area and the creativity that has been a part of this. I have also enjoyed how welcoming teachers are, and how they treat me as an adult.


I particularly enjoyed the captains concert.


I have enjoyed the social aspects of S6.


I have enjoyed the freedom of being able to use my time flexibly, to best suit my current needs.

Gregor :

I have enjoyed S6 as the teachers treat me more like an adult and the S6 area is nice. IT has been great how close we have become in S6.


I think BHS gives you lots of opportunities (such as going to Auschwitz). I have enjoyed building relationships with teachers. I like chromebooks because they give you a sense of responsibility and it helps people of all backgrounds study at home. The flexibility of S6 has meant that I could learn in a variety of places and formats.


The teachers are supportive, there is a wide range of subjects to choose from. I have enjoyed the trips such as Auschwitz and Rwanda.


I have very much felt that the common area has brought us all together, and that I am talking to more people. S6 has become a much more enjoyable year, as the opportunities given to me are incredible. I have felt prepared for University, and feel that it is not as daunting as I thought it would be when I was younger