Brechin High School is a special place, with a friendly atmosphere and young people at the heart of everything that we do. We believe that culture and ethos are fundamental to all learning and achievement, and this is seen in the way we practice our school values of Friendliness, Achievement, Inclusion, Trust & respect, and Honesty. We really do try to live our values and embed them in every area of school life. What we do in our school matters to us, education transforms lives. We are incredibly lucky to have a staff team who provide significant opportunities for pupils to attain and achieve in traditional and non-traditional subjects and offer a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities. Our weekly newsletter gives a flavour of some of what goes on in school each week and can be found on this website.

We owe it to our entire community to ensure that our pupils have a sense of belonging and the confidence that we are supporting them to be the best that they can be. We have high expectations of all of our young people and work hard to provide a learning environment that nurtures the aspirations and talents of individuals.  Time at secondary school is precious, our pupils arrive as children excited to learn new things and leave us as young adults with the world at their feet and an exciting journey ahead of them.

Fiona Lawrence

Head Teacher


As pupils at Brechin High School we value being in school where we are respected. Coming to school we can be sure that we are in a safe environment and a building where we are cared for and our education is valued. Together pupils work hard to ensure our school is a centre of excellence and wellbeing and only the best is good enough and as a rights respecting school pupils welcome everyone into our building and embrace them in our community. 

 This year we have seen Brechin thrive and be recognised as a school where you can guarantee a path that will give you a great start in life no matter what route you wish to take in your future. So for us as pupils at Brechin we are incredibly proud of our work and wish it to continue for years to come.

S1-S3 Pupil Voice