Brechin High School Uniform

We show our pride in the school by wearing school uniform and it allows us to easily identify Brechin High School pupils in an open campus and in the community. Our uniform is simple, practical, and comfortable. It is considerably cheaper than having to keep up with trends or brands. All pupils are expected to wear school uniform in school and on educational visits. Brechin High School is a place of work so we can help them to achieve their best and prepare them for moving on to employment.

The uniform for Brechin High School is:

  • Brechin High School uniform items – Brechin blue with the Brechin crest. (Brechin High School blazer, Brechin High School hoodie, School of football top, or other Brechin High School club top)
  • Sensible black bottoms (Black trousers, long shorts, skirts, joggers, leggings). No logos please
  • White shirt or blouse with a Brechin High school tie, or Brechin High School polo shirt.
  • Black shoes.
  • Pupils are expected to change for PE for hygiene and practicality reasons.

Blazers and hoodies can be ordered at

School ties can be bought from the office for £5

We can help with fitting to ensure the correct size is ordered, and if anyone has trouble ordering online, we can help with the order itself.

Financial help to buy uniform is available here and the school runs a uniform recycling scheme – please contact the appropriate PT Pupil Care & Support teacher.