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Primary 7B Newsletter

Term 3


Welcome back to Primary 7B, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas   holiday and are ready to embrace Term 3 with the same attitude that proved successful in Term 1 and 2.  Our topic this term will be WW2.

This term in Numeracy and Mathematics we are going to be looking at ‘Number and Number Processes’ as well as ‘Estimation and Rounding’.  Throughout this we will be learning to further our awareness of number, place value, order of operations, negative numbers, fractions, decimals and percentages and applying these areas across different contexts.  

This term in Language and Literacy we will start a new class novel called Narnia- The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.   In addition to this, reading will be heard weekly in a group and also individually through ‘ Fluency Tutor’ which is linked to our Google Classrooms.  For spelling we will be learning spelling rules. Each week we will learn a new spelling rule and investigate/learn words which are linked to this rule.  In grammar we are going to be developing our skills at a word, sentence and text level. Reading groups will be heard throughout the week with reading homework given after the group have been heard.

Miss Leitch, from Hazlehead Academy, will be taking the class on a Tuesday afternoon for Science .

In RME this term we will be learning about Judaism and making links with our topic this term which is WW2.

Physical Education will be taught twice a week by Mrs Boyd on a Tuesday and Mr Friel, the PE Specialist, in a new slot on a Friday.  Please ensure that you have a change of clothes/ shoes and all jewellery is removed prior to the lesson in accordance with Aberdeen City Council Policy.  

In Digital Technologies this term we will be exploring ‘Computing Science’ starting with understanding the world through computational thinking which will lead to understanding and analysing computing technology followed by designing, building and testing computing solutions.


Mrs Boyd

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