Study Skills

P7B have started to learn some fun study skills for one of our Big Maths focuses this week ( doubles and halves). We made a set of cards  that featured the doubles and halves and thought of fun games we could play to memorise them.  We played snap, pairs and an adapted version of ‘Go Fish’ and ‘Scabby Queen’. We also discussed how we could adapt this study skill into different contexts.


Solar Ovens

Every Tuesday Miss Leitch from Hazlehead Academy visits P7B to take our science lessons. This term we are learning about renewable energy.  This week we made solar ovens because we learned that you can cook food from the heat of the sun in them. In our solar ovens we have placed water in a pot and are monitoring the temperature of the water throughout the week to measure  it heating up.


Thank You Emails

Last week P7B were lucky enough to get the opportunity to be tour guides of our school when we had visitors from Norway.  Today we worked with our tour guide companions to compose emails to our visitors. We hope to learn how to email them this week.


Enterprise – Events Management

Preparations for Christmas are already underway in the P7B classroom. This year 7B will be undertaking an events management challenge by organising the schools Christmas parties.  So far we have decided to split into two teams which have team leaders chosen by the class. Our first task was to sit down in our teams and give ourselves a name and decide upon a logo that we can be known for.  So that it was fair we let everyone have their say, put their ideas forward and then we voted.  One group decided to do a blind vote so that the vote was fair.

Our next step is to think about our strengths as a team and create a pitch to Mrs Boyd on what party we should get to manage based on our interests and strengths.


Term 2 Newsletter

Primary 7B Newsletter

Term 2



Welcome back to Primary 7B, I hope you all had a lovely October  holiday and are ready to embrace Term 2 with the same attitude that proved successful in Term 1.   


This term in Numeracy and Mathematics we are going to be looking at ‘Money’ which will link into our Enterprise project of ‘Event Management’ this term.  The boys and girls are looking forward to organising and facilitating the Christmas parties. The pupils of P7B will be learning about an awareness of money and how it is used, coins and notes, exchanging money for goods, money calculations, understanding money in the digital world, understanding risks and rewards and understanding the impact of financial decisions.  


This term in Language and Literacy we will continue to read our whole class novel called ‘ The Garbage King’ by Elizabeth Laird.  In addition to this, reading will also be heard weekly in a group and also individually through ‘ Fluency Tutor’ which is linked to our Google Classrooms.  For spelling we will be learning spelling rules. Each week we will learn a new spelling rule and investigate/learn words which are linked to this rule. In grammar we are going to be strengthening our knowledge and practise the use of different pieces of punctuation for example the semi- colon and parenthesis.  In writing we are going to be learning how to write poetry, instructions and diary entries.


Miss Leitch, from Hazlehead Academy, will be taking the class on a Tuesday afternoon for Science . They will be learning about renewable energy this term.


In RME this term we will be furthering our knowledge of Christianity and the Christmas Story.


Physical Education will be taught twice a week by Mrs Boyd on a Monday and Mr Friel, the PE Specialist,at a new slot on a Friday.  Please ensure that you have a change of clothes/ shoes and all jewellery is removed prior to the lesson in accordance with Aberdeen City Council Policy.  


In Digital Technologies this term we will be exploring how to use the different application of  Google Classrooms. For example, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Slides and Google Docs which will support us with our events management topic.


Mrs Boyd

JASS Awards

P7B have started their journey towards achieving their Silver JASS Award.

We got our JASS Achievement Files this week and started to make decisions on what our areas of interest will be within the four certificated categories.

We will be doing work for our JASS Awards in and out of school.

Below is a link to the JASS Award website for more information –


Red Nursery Nature Walk

P7B went on a beautiful nature walk around the school playground this week. We made leaf rubbings with the leaves we were finding on the ground. Afterwards the boys and girls took the nursery children up to our classroom to read them a story and have a snack.


Adventure Aberdeen

We worked with Adventure Aberdeen on an assortment of team building activities.

We split up into groups and got a chance to try the different task with our team.


We learned it is important to communicate, be patient and to try and try again if it doesn’t work the first time.



Just another – Aberdeen site

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