Outdoor Learning (AM)

Today we participated in outdoor learning with Mr Millar!

Afterwards the children said,

“We were dancing!”

”Mr Millar was playing his violin!”

”We were playing games about the monkeys climbing on the tree and then they fall down on the bananas and then the crocodile snapped.”

“I felt happy.”

”I feel tired now!”

Christmas Party Photos (PM)

St Andrew’s Day (morning class)

Today we celebrated St Andrew’s Day!

We had stovies for snack, made our own saltires and learned how to highland dance!

We had a competition to see if anyone could jump as high as Miss Palmer, this was this winner!

St Andrew’s Day

Next Friday (30th November) we will be celebrating St Andrew’s Day in nursery.

The children are welcome to wear something tartan, blue or white if they wish.

We will be having stovies for snack and having a go at some traditional Scottish dancing!

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