P3/4 Learning Activities – Friday 3rd April

Good Morning and Happy Last Day of Term!!!

Why not start your day with a bit of Cosmic Yoga! This week’s yoga story is about a Robot called Spartz-24. He’s no ordinary robot – he’s a RoboDog of the future!

  • Spelling Test  Today is spelling test day! I hope you’ve had lots of fun learning your words this week using some of our activities.  Ask an adult to call out your list of words and write them in the back of your homework jotter like we normally do.  Good Luck!

It’s Book Buddy Friday again! Choose a book buddy to read to. Remember it could be an adult, a brother or sister or even one of your cuddly toys! Enjoy sharing your story together!


It’s Big Maths Beat That Day!

Please use a sheet from your pack you took home and ask an adult to time you for your challenge. Remember to record your score in your chart in your pink book!

Is this the day you are going to beat your best ever score!

  • Play some games of your choice on Sumdog or Education City


Since we’re away to start our Easter holidays, why not choose one of these creative Easter activities! Have fun!

  • Get an adult to hard boil an egg and then you can decorate it with pens, paints or even stick things on to turn it into something eggciting!!!

If you don’t want to use a real egg you could create an egg design on paper instead.

  • Follow this step by step guide on how to draw an Easter Bunny

  • Make some Chocolate Easter Nests. Click on the link below to find an easy to follow step by step recipe.


If you’d like to play some Easter online games instead  then click on the link below. There are lots of games to choose from including Egg Hunts and painting/colouring eggs online! Have fun!



P3/4 Learning Activities – Thursday 2nd April

Good Morning Everyone!

Today we are going to use our robot designs from yesterday to help with our writing task. Don’t worry if you didn’t get a chance to draw or make one yesterday, you can do still do it today!

I would like you to write a description of your robot of the future. The following questions might help you to think about what you could write:

What is your robot’s name? What does it look like? What exciting features does it have? What types of jobs can it do to help you?

Can you use a connective or wow word in any of your sentences?

Here are a couple of robot designs from yesterday:





  • Choose a different activity from the spelling menu to help you learn this week’s spelling words:

  • Spend 10 to 15 minutes working on your Big Maths daily CLIC targets

5 x table  :Play this game to work on your 5 x table facts and have some fun fishing at the same time!


Why not be a shape detective and go on a 3d shape hunt around your house? I wonder how many things you can find? You could record your findings like this:



  • Here is a link to a song to help with counting to 20 in French:

  • If that’s too easy then why not try this song for numbers from 20 to 50 in French?


  • Here is a link to a French story Mrs Gilmore shared on our Google Classroom yesterday for anyone who missed it. I think you might recognise the story!


Also a reminder of some of the great online activities available out there today:

Have a great day!

P3/4 Learning Activities – Wednesday 1st April

Good Morning Everyone!

Do you remember last week we went on a noun hunt?  Nouns are everywhere around us! A noun is a person, place or thing. This week we are going to try sorting nouns.  Draw a table like this on your paper:

Can you write some nouns in each list? This poster below might give you a few ideas to get your lists started!

  • Choose a different activity from our spelling menu to help you learn this week’s words

Why not join David Walliams at 11am for a free audio story! He will be reading a story from The World’s Worst Children for you to enjoy!  Click on the link below:



  • Spend 10 to 15 minutes working on your Big Maths daily CLIC targets

I have created a 5 x table competition on Sumdog for both the Squares and Circles maths groups.  Squares, you will also have some division questions in there!

The competition will be live from 9am until 3pm today.

Who is going to top the leaderboard for each maths group? Good Luck!

  • There are also some 2D and 3D shape games available in your city now on Education City.  I wonder how much you can remember about shapes?



Why not try designing your own robot of the future! You could make a model of it or just draw your design on paper. It might come in useful for a writing task tomorrow!

Have a great day!