P3/4 Learning Activities – Friday 27th March

Good Morning! We’ve almost made it to the end of Week 1!

Why not start your Friday with a little bit of Cosmic Yoga! Click the link below to enjoy some yoga based on the story of The Twits by Roald Dahl.


  • Spelling Test  Today is spelling test day! I hope you’ve had lots of fun learning your words this week using some of our activities.  Ask an adult to call out your list of words and write them in the back of your homework jotter like we normally do.  Good Luck!

Normally we have Book Buddies on a Friday. Today you can read to a buddy at home. It could be an adult, a brother or sister or even one of your cuddly toys! Choose a favourite book and enjoy reading to your buddy!

It’s Big Maths Beat That Day!

Please use a sheet from your pack you took home and ask an adult to time you for your challenge. Remember to record your score in your chart in your pink book!

Is this the day you are going to beat your best ever score!

  • Play some games of your choice on Sumdog or Education City


To celebrate the end of Climate Week North East, it’s time to get creative! Why don’t you raid your recycling box at home and use the things inside to create something?

You could make a Recycling monster, a robot, an exciting invention. Anything you can think of really! Use your imagination!  Please send me a photo of anything you make!

For all you Lego fans out there, you might prefer to take part in the 30 day Lego Challenge.  It looks great! Again, remember to send me a photo of anything you build.

Have a great day!

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