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My Favourite Subject
I have to say, returning to school wasn’t as hard as I thought. It was more relaxed than just diving straight into fractions, decimals and hard work like that. To be honest, my favourite subject has to be Literacy. The reason I say this is because we are writing very complex sentences, working on verbs, nouns, adverbs, pronouns and all that stuff. Even though I was off for four straight days in the fourth week, I was still working as hard as I ever could, maybe even harder! As soon as I came back in the fifth week, Mr Pye had told me that we would be writing our OWN holiday brochures, and I dove straight in there with a logo and half a page of writing. In my opinion, this perfectly fitted me as I had read the Butlins brochure already, and Mr Pye gave us permission to read it AGAIN! We’re starting to present it as an actual brochure. I am sure that every student from Mr Pye’s  P5 P7’s brochure will be better than Butlins’!

Written by Johnny

Thoughts from Angelina and Charlie
For me (Charlie) as my first time at Small Isles I have found it very enjoyable, nervy and happy.

Outside, the playground was a completely different experience and all the children were very kind, considerate and joyful.

As my (Angelina) sixth year at Small Isles this year was rather different because last year we had to learn from home and that was very stressful because there was loads of distractions. Now we are back at school it is very nice to have no distractions and have classmates there with me. Personally I think that it is better because we can collaborate with each other which is nicer than being at home without having a teacher to help you learn things.

Witten by Angelina and Charlie

Returning to School
I loved the holidays and all but since I finished all my crafts and all the Netflix shows at home I had nothing to do. Once I got on to the school bus, I immediately thought of the P7s. It was really hard. The first few days I thought they would come back the next day but obviously they didn’t but other than that school is brilliant. Our cook Jane left to spend more time with her dog Pudding so The Antlers are serving use. We’re also bringing back talent show Tuesday. Hip Hip Hurray! So far we’ve had people reciting dinosaurs A to Z, the worm, magic tricks and yellow bar tricks. I also like all the subjects especially Health & Wellbeing and Science. That pretty much sums up returning back to school. ; )


Written by Corran



My Favourite Subject

Coming back to school (I never wanted the summer holiday to end!) my favourite subject has to be our IDL (inter-disciplinary learning).Our topic is the African-American civil rights movement. Sofar we’ve learnt about the Little Rock Nine, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jnr. Talking of Martin Luther King Jnr, Mr Pye recently created a Kahoot Quiz (a fun online quiz) and me and two of my classmates were on the podium! 

I’ll have to admit, I only became interested in American civil rights when we did a homework task on how many states of America voted for Joe Biden and how many voted for Donald Trump. Since then, I have just loved American civil rights and all the people and facts that come with it.

Written by Rudy


Farewell to Miss Harley

So basically one of our teachers is going to move away maybe forever (we hope she will come back one day).

For us it’s really sad because we will really miss her.

We have had such an amazing time with her.

She is such a nice person she is kind, caring and loving. She taught us so much and it’s going to be quite sad.

We love her so much because she was a great teacher.

She is so funny and beautiful. It was great fun having here as a teacher and as a friend out of school.

Written by Zoe and Shian

Our Favourite Subject

Out of many subjects at Small Isles Primary our favourite has to be science. This term we are discovering the wonders of microorganisms and we’ve been growing lots of mould; but not enough for us. We absolutely love this topic and have made posters on it already.

Dax’s Favourite Aspect of Science

My favourite part was learning about the plastic eating bacteria and I personally enjoyed learning how it worked and PET plastic’s chemical formula ((C10H8O4)n). While complicated it’s extremely enjoyable to learn about.

Jack’s Favourite Aspect of Science

Personally my favourite part of science was growing the bacteria in petri dishes. We looked through magnifying glasses to see it better.

Written by Dax and Jack.

Our Favourite Subject

We are writing about P.E at Small Isles Primary School.

We have been doing a session on Dodgeball. It has been extremely fun and exciting, as you can probably see, we have been playing some dodge ball along with some other activities.

There has been a few injures, but we are so good at dodging (well some of us…I’m looking at you Jack).

We have been doing other activities and skills which will help us in Dodgeball like




Throwing and so much more.

Written by Corry and Daniel.






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