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Sumdog competition time again!

The next Argyll and Bute Sumdog competition begins on Friday 20th April and will run until Thursday 26th April. Last time over 2000 students across Argyll and Bute took part in the competition and answered an amazing 553, 351 questions correctly – can we beat this score? Clachan Primary took 1st place, P5-7 at Craignish Primary came 2nd with the P6 class at Dunoon Primary coming in 3rd. Who is up for the challenge of overtaking these worthy winners? Sign your class up today and make sure all of those log-ins are ready! Looking forward to seeing how well you are all doing and remember to tweet your successes using the hashtag #Sumdog and to share it here on SAL.  Good luck!

Argyll and Bute contest


Congratulations to Clachan – winners of the Argyll and Bute Sumdog competition!

Clachan Primary are excited to be winners of the Sumdog Contest which ran in Argyll and Bute from 16th to 22nd March.  Over 2000 students in Argyll and Bute took part in the contest, answering 553, 351 questions correctly!

All the pupils at Clachan Primary worked hard as a team to answer questions accurately over a week.

“We do Sumdog because it increases our flexible thinking in maths and to improve our learning,” said P6.

 “It makes us more confident when we do maths and makes it more fun,” said P4.

“Sumdog helps us improve our mental maths and we can answer questions accurately,” said P5.

Well done to everyone who took part.

Arinagour Glasgow Trip!

The pupils were involved in planning and organising this trip to Glasgow where they had opportunities to experience an environment very different to their own.

The children had contextualised opportunities to develop skills for learning, life and work which were tailored to their particular needs. There were also opportunities to develop literacy, numeracy and health and well-being, in particular the use of money and telling the time.
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Maths Week Clan Challenges at Strath of Appin

As part of Maths Week pupils at Strath of Appin Primary worked together in their clans to solve a daily maths-themed challenge. The challenges were varied and drew on a range of mathematical skills as well as encouraging good communication skills and effective teamwork.

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Maths Week Challenge at Lochgoilhead

Lochgoilhead Primary School participated in Scotland’s Maths Week Challenge with some exciting enquiry based learning. As soon as the pupils arrived on Monday morning, they attended a specially arranged assembly where they were all invited to help solve a problem. The large grass area surrounding the school was too long and needed to be ready by Friday for a sports event. With the usual gardening maintenance team not able to visit the school until the following week, the children were put into mixed age groups to try and come up with possible solutions.
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Drumlemble Maths Open Day

A fantastic morning was had by everyone at Drumlemble Primary School, as we welcomed lots of enthusiastic parents in to share math’s lessons with their child on Monday 11th September. All Parents were invited to attend the event as well as the children who will join our Pre-5 throughout the year with their parents. Continue reading Drumlemble Maths Open Day

Maths Week 2017

Maths Week Scotland starts on the 11th September and we cannot wait to hear about all the fantastic activities that will be going on in Argyll and Bute!  Have a look at SALi for some great ideas that you can be using in your classrooms and don’t forget to send your ‘How Many?’ selfies in to  Why not tweet about it as well using #MathsWeekScot?  There is also a competition running on Sumdog and all our schools still have their full subscription so test those numeracy skills and win some prizes!  Most of all – have fun!

BMT day at Glenbarr Primary School

On Friday 17th March, Rhunahaorine and Gigha pupils joined pupils at Glenbarr Primary School for a day of BMT (Better Movers and Thinkers). They were joined by Rona Young who led the day. In the morning P1-3 pupils got the chance to have some Active Start together while the p4-7 took part in some BMT activities in the classroom. They tried a variety of activities – Body Lift, Body Parts, Finger Taps, Clap Patterns and Fours on the Spot.

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P1 and P2 have been sharing their learning with parents and carers on a Friday afternoon. Pupils, parents and carers have participated in expressive arts, literacy and numeracy activities. Weekly sessions have continued to give parents, pupils and teachers the opportunity to learn together in co-operative learning groups.

Yammering welcome!


Yammer has come to Numeracy!  The yammer page for Numeracy and Mathematics in Argyll and Bute has now been set up and is available to all teaching staff.  It is a super way of sharing resources and chatting with colleagues across Argyll and Bute council, all through your Glow accounts.  Some super resources have already been added so feel free to come in and look around!  We look forward to yammering with you …

Breakfast Buzz at Bowmore!

Bowmore Breakfast Club 1On Tuesday 15th March, Bowmore Primary opened its doors at 8.30am, ready to fill any tummies which needed extra fuel for the day – staff and pupils alike! Cereal, including porridge, as well as toast was on offer. Jam and honey added a bit of sweetness to the proceedings and all was washed down with a glass of milk! 30 children tucked in on Tuesday….

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Primary 6/7 Election Campaign

RPS Election Campaign 1Primary 6/7 at Rothesay Primary School have been working on a top secret challenge over the past few weeks. They have been receiving challenges and tasks from a secret organisation called MSB – Making Scotland Better. These tasks were to encourage the class to learn about elections and Scottish Parliament, to work with the local community to identify areas of Bute they wished to improve or change and to set up political parties to get these changes put in place.

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Sumdog Maths Challenge – Lochdonhead Winners

Lochdonhead Primary School took part in the recent Argyll and Bute Sumdog Maths Challenge. Even though we are a very small school, we were delighted to have won. Here are comments from our pupils –

Henry P7 – I enjoyed the teamwork, helping and encouraging everyone to do their 1000 questions. We used Edmodo to motivate and encourage each other.

Kara P7 – Sumdog helped develop my maths skills and my resilience because I kept going and tried my best. Continue reading Sumdog Maths Challenge – Lochdonhead Winners

Mr Priest’s visit to Dunoon Primary School

dps Mr Priest pics 3P5 to P7 were delighted to welcome Mr Priest, PT for Maths at Dunoon Grammar School, into their Maths Setting classes today. Mrs Macdonald’s class had just finished a block of learning on Algebric Equations and were busy consolidating their knowledge. Mr Priest was very impressed with their learning and the level they were working at.

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Better Eating Better Learning at Kirn

Kirn PS Better eating 1The Primary 6 class at Kirn Primary School have this term participated in the Better Eating Better Learning” project in partnership with Children in Scotland (

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Roman Week

Lismore PS Roman Week 1Sumus Romani!
26th – 30th January 2015 was Roman Week at Lismore Primary School. This term’s main focus is Myths and Legends and the children decided to take a closer look at one of the civilisations from which many of the ancient myths come. As part of the topic the children will be performing the Roman legend of Androcles and the Lion at the North Lorn Drama festival and this gave the children another reason to research these fascinating people. Continue reading Roman Week

Achahoish Primary visits Bank of Scotland

Pupils from Achahoish P.S. had a wonderful visit to the Bank of Scotland in Lochgilphead, on 6th November. They were given a well-planned and very informative tour round the Bank by Lynn and Claire. Both the adults and the children enjoyed the visit and we all learned about the role a Bank plays in keeping money safe.

The most popular area of the Bank was the Safe! Lynn and Claire were very patient and answered all the children’s questions!

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