News from P2/1 and P2 17.3.17

We were so good at counting forwards in 2s that our teachers decided to challenge us to see if we could count backwards in 2s. Guess what, when we remembered the pattern ‘ 10, 8, 6, 4, 2’ we could do it.  We have also been working very hard to find the quickest and most efficient strategies when solving add on, take away and missing number sums. We have been enjoying taking part in a “Speed Challenge”  activity. You could always play this at home.

Our clockwork this week focused on making quarter past times on analogue and digital clocks. Again we learned another part of the rhyme ‘ hands at the top ….’ to try and make it easier for us to remember where the big hand goes and what numbers we need to put on a digital clock.

Our spelling words this week had the ‘ng’ sound. Our teachers are very impressed with our word detective skills. We are becoming really good at spotting all the different rules and patterns which helps us to spell words. This week we were writing instructions and rules. We remembered that you need to put numbers before each instruction or rule and the importance of being clear and precise.

Sadly Magic Grandad did not visit us this week as we have now learned so much about schools in the past. We are really excited to be travelling on the bus to Glasgow to see what Magic Grandad’s school was like. Our teachers have asked if our parents/carers could check when they fill the forms in that nothing has been missed out.

In Science, we have been learning all about the sun, moon and Earth. We love watching and listening to the song:

It helps us to remember all the facts we need to know. We had so much fun acting out how the moon moves around the Earth whilst the Earth is moving around the sun.

For next week we need to think of a joke that is funny but not rude! The winner of each year group will then tell their joke to the whole school at our Comic Relief assembly next Friday. How exciting.

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