Now that the tatties have been harvested, we thought it would be a good idea to plant our next crop.  Having dug out all the roots from the potato plants we decided to give Brussel Sprouts a go.


We prepared the soil and planned out where each plant should go because just like our tatties the sprouts need space to grow.  Fingers crossed they give us a yield as high as the potatoes.



Having waited patiently for nature to take its course, we are pleased to announce Borestone Primary has harvested our first crop of potatoes!



It was hard work however we all cooperated as a team and by the time we had finished we managed to dig up over 36kg of tatties.  Our buckets were full to overflowing.


We were quite surprised at how many we had been able to produce.  Amazingly we were able to sell some to the staff, give some to the school kitchen for use in our school meals and still have enough for doing some cooking in class.

We managed to make 2 different soups and wait for it…2 delicious cakes.  None of us had any idea you could make a cake with potato and we thought Miss Sewell had lost her mind.  Although having tried them we do now have to admit they were delicious.  Visitors to the Food for Life event in Stirling on 29th September may be lucky enough to try the recipe for themselves.