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January 2021

The Literacy across the Curriculum page has been updated with SLC resources.

GTCS launch the refreshed and revised suite of Professional Standards (formal enactment: 2 August, 2021)

Professional Standards 2021

To enhance and complement the work practitioners, schools and local authorities are already undertaking, the following link provides access to a range of support materials on remote learning available from national organisations:

Education Scotland: Supporting remote learning

Direct access to key information on COVID-19 mitigation for education authority staff, leaders of schools and early learning and childcare settings, and highlights any changes to guidance:

Education Scotland: key information on COVID-19 mitigation for education

(Covid-19 related communications and links are also available from the Covid-19 Lessons for Learning page)


December 2020

  • The Literacy across the Curriculum page has been updated with some new resources around reading (for the curriculum and for pleasure).
  • The Health & Wellbeing page has been updated with new resources around supporting children and young people’s mental health.
  • A new page has been added  called the ‘Refreshed CfE Narrative‘ and links to new thought papers added.
  • A new page has been added called ‘GTCS‘ –  a link has been added to the draft Professional Standards 2021.
  • On the Attainment Gap page, a link to a research brief paper on Socioeconomic Inequalities in School Attendance in Scotland has been added alongside an article by the research team from the University of Strathclyde published in November 2020 in the journal Children and Youth Services Review.
National model of Professional Learning

Tha National Model of Professional Learning (poster)

Model of Professional Learning


“Professional learning must focus on the education professional as a learner and how this is related to and impacts upon the learning of children, young people and adults”

– National model of professional learning


(scroll down for a list of recently added links and resources)

This shared learning area has been set up to help us collate, store and share links to online educational resources and documents which might be of professional interest.

If you wish to add any links or documents you think may be of interest to colleagues, please contact Susan Brownlie (English Department) who will be happy to upload these for everyone to access. In addition, as this resource is a work in progress and is regularly updated, if you notice any links to content no longer work, please let Susan Brownlie know.

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