Meet the Staff


 Headteacher- Mrs Hazel Orr

Two School Tornado



Special Powers: Whizzing between two schools,

helping everyone along the way.


Principal Teacher- Mrs Joyce Wood

Teacher in Style

Special Powers:To get to people who need help

fast, has good ideas and is fun and cool.


P1-4 Teacher- Mrs Wendy Wales

Super Wales

Special Powers: Rubbers on her hands and feet,

lasers on her fingers for cutting paper quickly.


P4-7 Friday Teacher

CCC Teacher- Miss Ilene McCartney






Support Staff Team Leader- Mrs Ann MacArthur

  Fantastic Filer

Special Powers: Antennae that sense callers, belt that

dispenses envelopes.


Support Staff- Mrs May Nunes

First Aid Hero

Special Powers: Great strength to dispense

First Aid.Lazer bag, hands and feet.


Caretaker/ Cleaner- Mrs Carol Abernethy

Super Leaf Lady

Special Powers: Water bombs from hat,

leaf gun, tennis raquet hand.


Cook- Mrs Joanne Jones

Special Powers: stirring quickly, super sense of

smell, fast counter and heat sensors.