P4-7 Cross Country

P4-7 have started cross country training in their PE sessions this term. The first few sessions took place in the school grounds but this week we moved to the football field for more of a challenge. All pupils did their best and showed great stamina.

We did our stretches on the outdoor gym equipment at the football field.

Term 4 gets off to a Good Start

All pupils returned to school after a lovely Spring Break. They are all excited to be back in school and are working hard.

P1-3 have started work on a topic around the book “The Lighthouse Keeper’s lunch”

P4-7 have started a topic called “Wolf Brother’s Wildwoods”.

As you can see they are enjoying the lessons so far!

Makaton Superstars

Mr Johnstone from the Youth Music Initiative asked P4-7 if they would be prepared to learn and video the Makaton version of the Beatles song “Here Comes the Sun” for him to use with his new classes next term. The pupils were delighted to be asked and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.Great job guys!

Community Kindness

Since our return to school we have received some lovely, generous gifts. The Gala Committee bought a fire pit for us to use in the school playground. We enjoyed an afternoon of making Smores- Yummy!!

Mr and Mrs G Bias of Utility Hut donated Easter eggs to the children.This was a lovely surprise and the pupils and staff will enjoy the treat over the holidays.

Abington Masonic Lodge donated a cheque for £200 to the school.The pupils were thrilled with this and have put forward lots of ideas of how they would like to spend the money.


It’s great to be back!

We have all enjoyed being back in school after the second stint of Home Learning. Everyone engaged really well and worked hard but it is just not the same as being back in school. We have all enjoyed being back with our peers and working together as a team.

Easter Crafts

All pupils have been enjoying Easter crafts led by Mrs Nunes and Rebecca. They have all made a pompom chick or bunny and a chocolate egg bunny holder. We all had great fun taking part in these lessons.Thank you to Rebecca for planning the ideas.

Blast off to Biggar Mission Transition

P7 pupils are gearing up for their last term in Crawford Primary School. They are enjoying the lessons sent from Biggar High School. They have also written a pupil passport which will be sent to all their new teachers. This gives everyone information about each of the pupils.