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Benchmarks – The Curriculum for Excellence Benchmarks set out clear statements about what learners need to know and be able to do to achieve a level in Literacy and English and Numeracy and Mathematics.

Experiences and outcomes (often called Es+Os) are a set of clear and concise statements about children’s learning and progression in each curriculum area. They are used to help plan learning and to assess progress.

Principles and practice – ​The principles and practice documents are essential reading for practitioners as they begin, and then develop, their work with the statements of experiences and outcomes.

Building the Curriculum – The ‘Building the Curriculum’ document series provides advice, guidance and policy for different aspects of Curriculum for Excellence including: the curriculum areas assessment; and developing skills for learning, life and work.

CfE Briefings – A series of briefings designed to provide practitioners with information and advice to support their implementation of Curriculum for Excellence.

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