Shetland Islands Council is planning to ask all pupils in P5 to S6 to take part in a survey about their health and wellbeing. The findings will help Shetland Islands Council to understand the needs, strengths and possible concerns of children and young people, which will help plan future improvements to local services. Parents will receive a letter providing more detailed information about the Census, and the opportunity to let us know if they do not wish for their child to take part. For more information please visit:

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Another busy week at Nursery and the children have been outside in the poly tunnel, getting the chicken run ready for the chickens coming back, making our stone pit, making playdough and been busy doing lots of lovely artwork.

A few of the children had asked if they could start planting things in the poly tunnel and they looked at all the seeds we had, choosing which ones they wanted to plant.


The children were excited to find out that our chickens were coming back home to nursery after their holiday, so they were getting things all ready by making sure they had a clean bed, some water and plenty of food The children also helped to build a little stand for the water to sit on.

We had some ton bags delivered to the nursery of sand and stones as we are going to be developing our garden by added a stone pit as some of the children really love digging. One of the children had asked if they could “make a start to da stone pit” and he got his shovel and wheelbarrow to transfer the stone from one place to the other.

Our playdough self serve station has been popular this week with lots of the children looking at the numbers and seeing how much of each thing they need to add into their bowl to get the right consistency of playdough. We added numbers and dots so they can follow the recipe independently.



Hope you all have a lovely long weekend and we will see you back on Tuesday! 🙂 x

Early Years – 14/02/2022

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This week we’ve been building new friendships, exploring technology and started to learn about the Festival of Care:  Tending the Light which runs from today until 22 February.

It’s always great to welcome new friends to nursery and this week has seen those bonds becoming stronger.  The bairns help each other to remember the rules – “don’t forget your safety glasses” and are always seeking fun with their friends.  We have also been working on using polite words “Please could you pass me the milk jug.”

We use technology in different ways throughout the setting and this week the bairns have explored taking pictures of themselves and the environment.  This generated discussion around facial expressions, how a camera takes a picture and all the different ways that their facial muscles move.

As part of the Tending the Light: Festival of Care 2022, we watched the story of Molly and the Lighthouse.  Afterwards the bairns discussed how Molly and her dad might have felt during the story – “worried” “sad” “scared”.  More information can be found at this link:  The bairns used loose parts to make a multitude of lighthouses.  This prompted discussion around colour, height, structure and connection.


Early Years – 07/02/2022

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This week we have enjoyed playing in the snow, sorting number blocks and programming our Beebot.

The cold weather provided rich opportunities for exploring the different ways that water can freeze and the textures it forms.  During discussion about what ice is made from, the responses were varied – “water”, “snow” and “cheese”!

We changed the resources on our loose parts table, adding a wooden number block tray.  The bairns have used this in lots of different ways, sorting the numbers from 1-100, making towers from the blocks and discussing with their peers the numbers that they needed to complete the grid.

Linking to the Take Home bags, the bairns have taken turns this week programming the Beebot and rich language development has taken place in relation to direction, speed and energy.

P5/6/7 – Term 3 Week 6

Travel Agents

This week P5/6/7 were learning more about Japan by planning a trip there.  They had to find flights, hotels and activities for each day of the trip.  With unlimited budget I thought this would be an easy task but they all agree that planning a whole holiday is quite a lot of work!

Other learning opportunities included Scottish Pop Art, designing Kimonos, learning about balanced arguments and using timetables.

07.02.2022 – Primary 1/2 Environment

It’s been a busy couple of weekends but the classroom is slowly coming together.
A massive thank you to Brian Williamson for the wood and putting it up along with the lights. And thank you to Val Williamson (and Calum and Raymond!) for scrubbing the floor and all her help with shifting furniture and helping with everything (the sorting of the toys was a long and painful job!)
Look forward to seeing the reactions of the bairns when they arrive.

There was a lot of shocked faces and a LOT of thumbs up fae the bairns… the class was left spotless at the end of the day!! 🙂

Early Years – 30.01.22

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The bairns have made good use of the outdoor space this week but within the nursery and out in the local community.

We added more numeracy to the outdoor room and one of the bairns helped Miss Macleod to apply vinyl numbers to the cable drums.  The cable drums have been used in lots of new ways as a result – searching for the numbers, stepping between the numbers in order and throwing a dice before moving to a new number.

The garden and mud kitchen provided the resources required for mud pies which led to imaginative play resulting in rich language development opportunities.

We had a fantastic trip to the burn with lots of opportunities for exploring.  The bairns climbed on the rocks, searched for beasties, threw sticks in the water and watched them flow under the bridge.  We enjoyed our snack in the fresh air and then all got moving to keep warm, following a discussion about turning cold while sitting outside.

Loose parts provide excellent open ended learning opportunities and the bairns have used some coffee tins in new ways this week.  We have seen stacking, target skills, counting, game props and model making.


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