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The Firebird Suite (1911) Finale


The Firebird Suite- (1911) Finale

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One day in a cave there was a firebird, he was red, orange and yellow all over his body. The firebird wanted to eat people. The firebird decided to go to the park because he knew that there were people he could eat in the park. He was very hungry. He wanted to eat people for dinner. He flew into the park. All the people in the park ran away except a woman called Rose and her dog Fluff, they wanted to make friends with the firebird. Then Rose and Fluff walked towards the firebird, “Please don’t eat us!” said Rose. Rose put her hand on the firebird. Then the firebird started to calm down. The firebird gave Fluff a ride on his back. Rose and Fluff taught the firebird how to be nice and not to eat people but to eat plants instead. Then they got a plant and put it against the firebird’s nose and he ate it. “Now don’t eat humans anymore!” said Rose. Rose thought that if he stopped hurting people, they would want to meet him instead of running away. It was starting to get dark. Rose and Fluff had to head off to their house to have tea. 

The next morning Rose and Fluff woke up. Then they went back to the park. They waited until the firebird came. She saw the firebird land in the park. Rose saw one of her friends walking in the park. A woman looked up at the firebird and ran away. The firebird started to look at Rose and Fluff like he did not know them from yesterday when they met. “It’s me Rose and my dog Fluff, remember us?” The firebird looked puzzled at Rose. Then the firebird lay down on the ground. The firebird was bored. Rose said “Firebird let’s play fetch!”. “Ok.” said the firebird and Fluff. “Fetch!” said Rose. Fluff got the ball first. The firebird and Fluff were fighting over the ball. “Come on Fluff” said Rose. Fluff ran towards Rose. Rose decided to take Fluff and the firebird for a walk around the park. The firebird decided to go back to his cave to have dinner so Rose picked some bits of grass for the firebird to eat. The firebird went back to his cave. “See you when we come back!” shouted Rose. Fluff barked “Bye.”. Rose and Fluff had gone to the street to go shopping. They came back to the park but when they arrived the firebird was not there. So they waited and waited until the firebird came. The children playing in the park looked at the firebird and they saw Rose and Fluff standing next to the firebird. The children thought that they should be nice to the firebird for once. “Don’t be afraid of the firebird he is very nice he won’t bite.” said Rose. So the people started to slowly walk towards the firebird. “He looks like he would be friendly to everyone.” said a man. “He won’t eat people anymore, he eats plants not people.” said Rose. The firebird flew back to his cave because he was getting tired. When he got to the cave and fell asleep. 

The firebird comes to the park everyday now to see children. When they come to the park they get rides on the firebird’s back. The children like to go on the firebird’s back, they could see the top of people’s houses. They could see sheep, they could see clouds up close, they could see cars, they could see car parks. They could also go to places where they want to go like America, they could go any where without a passport. Now everybody loved the firebird

By Leah P7

My Firebird Picture
In ten pieces I did a big picture about the Firebird. Ten pieces is ten pieces of classical music. I did a big picture with a firebird and ice bird going into a sunset and a 3D bench.
By Melissa P7

Fire bird.JPG

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