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Storm Interlude


Storm Interlude

The Rainbow Disaster

Chapter 1
There was once a beautiful girl called Stephanie Lane who lived on Peterson Road. She had long, flowing blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She was 17 years old. It was an appealing morning in Peterson Rd. Sydney, Australia where she lived, so she decided that she would go out for a gentle jog. She carefully laced up her boots and tied up her hair and out she went. She jogged from her house to the Sydney Opera House which took 30 minutes. She was feeling quite peckish after that so she went to the Studio Café for brunch. She had a bacon roll that was over-done but she didn’t mind because it was a beautiful day and she was so happy.
Stephanie sprinted back home and thought to herself, “I want to go exploring” and that’s exactly what she did. She went to the pier that was just in-front of her house and discovered a boat that stood out from the rest of them. Most of the boats were the standard fishing boat or the occasional speed boat, they were brown white silver or black but this one was brown and turquoise and it had a huge rainbow on the side. She strolled over to the two people visible on the boat. “Hello?” asked Stephanie. “Hello, Who are you?” Replied a quite voice in a dark corner of the small boat. “I was wondering if and when you will be going out to sea any time soon?” Stephanie said hopefully. “AAAH WHO ARE YOU?” shouted a young boy that was around her age. “My name is Stephanie, I was wondering if I could come with you fishing or whatever you do on this boat as I am in need of an adventure” said Stephanie. “Come in here and we will talk” the man replied.

Chapter 2“Why on earth would you want to come with me and Ol’ Gussy?” Spoke the boy. “Because, I want to go on an adventure and what’s more of an adventure than a fishing boat?” Asked Stephanie. ” A creel boat, because we don’t fish. This boat is called the rainbow” answered the old man in the corner, angrily. “Oh excuse me, a CREEL boat” Stephanie remarked. “Yes we are leaving next week, out to the middle of the ocean for a week and a half. Oh how rude of me to not introduce ourselves, I am Fredrick, but you can call me Fred and that’s Ol’ Gussy in the corner, He’s 89! I’m 23 by the way.” Fred described. “OK! Thank you, shall I meet you here this time next week then?” Stephanie questioned. “Yeah that would be great!” Fred answered. Stephanie was feeling even better now she can finally adventure on a boat!

Chapter 3One week later, most of the boats that were there before are different ones. But the boat Stephanie was going on was still there in the exact same spot. She quickly walked up to it wearing Hunter wellie boots, jeans, a hoodie under her body warmer, earmuffs and with her hair in pleats. She had some trainers in a bag with her. “Do I need to bring my own food?” she asked. “No don’t worry about it, we have PLENTY here!” Fred said kindly. “Oh that’s good! I brought money with me just in case I needed to get food before we left but if he was loads here then it won’t matter” Stephanie said relived. 

They were about to set sail when Stephanie got settled in, they untied the rope from the shore and off they went. “The waves were getting a bit fiercer than the whole of last week” commented Stephanie. “They will get better Stephanie, I promise!” Said Fred, sweetly. “Ok I hope so” Stephanie replied. The waves were actually getting worse and worse by the minute, the clouds darker and darker, the sun turning black. “Oh no, its just like 1944 all over again” crocked Ol’ Gussy. “What happed in 1944?” asked Stephanie, worried. Ol’ Gussy didn’t answer for a while. “ALL THE SHIPS WERE IN RUINS” he screamed, which made Stephanie and Fredrick jump. 

Chapter 4
The weather was getting bad, very bad. It has turned into a storm. It was crucial for them to get back to shore, but the boat was in the seas control, they couldn’t do anything about it. They were struggling to even stand up. The boat was tipping to the left and every wave made it tip even more. All they could smell was fish and salt. It was so loud, the waves crashing against the boat were like cymbals hitting against each other. “We need to abandon ship immediately” Called Fred, over all the noise. “We can’t, how would we get back to shore?” Replied Stephanie, clinging on to the sides. “We have 2 life rings, We can share one and Ol‘ Gussy Can have one to himself” Shouted Fred. “NO you have a life ring each, if the boats going down in ruins, so am I” Ol‘ Gussy sternly said. They had no time to lose, Ol‘ Gussy didn’t take the ring when they offered so they had to leave him behind. 

Chapter 5Stephanie and Fredrick made it back to shore. “Come on lets run to my house, its only up the road then we can get warmed up.” Stephanie offered. “I can’t believe we left Ol’ Gussy behind” said Fred, sadly. “I know, why did you both get together on that boat?” Stephanie asked. “He is, well was my Grandad, my family” Fred answered. “Oh I’m so sorry I went out with you, we could of saved Ol’ Gussy” Stephanie said, sadly. “It’s fine, he probably wouldn’t of made it anyway, with his old age and everything”. “I know but why did he want me safe? I thought he didn’t really like me”. Stephanie was feeling really and depressed. “He knew he wouldn’t make it” Assured Fred. “I’m really sorry” Stephanie mentioned. 

Chapter 6It was a week after the crash, the ship went down in wrecks and they sent a search party to see if here was any life and there wasOl Gussy was found alive on the boat. Fred and Stephanie were astonished and relieved.Ol’ Gussy and Fredrick moved to the chalet close to Stephanie’s house. They fixed the damages on the Rainbow and they were going to set sail as soon as possible. 

STORM photo.jpeg 

BY Mia P7

The Story of The Terrible Storm
Chapter 1

It was 1782, a strange summers day and a storm was brewing. The sky was dark and dull, the sea was thrashing and bashing against the cliff sides. Everyone was in their houses staying safe and warm playing family games. Suddenly there was a strike of lightning BANG! A huge crash of thunder and there was a power cut.

In the light house belonging to Lacey Anderson and Old Gus it was cold and dark, the children were still up. The kids were lighting a match for a candle and heating up some soup. Lacey was writing in her diary.

Friday 13th 1782

Dear Diary, Bad things are meant to happen today there is a storm brewing and yesterday The Muckle Bigga headed out to sea with 43 people on board and it hasn’t returned today. I am starting to get worried about everyone on board.

Lacey was interrupted by the sea hitting the windows, how annoying it was to live in the lighthouse. The sea always hitting the windows it was cozy though. She decided to put the kids to bed stopping at the top to check on Old Gus who had been up there for a while watching the sea for the The Muckle Bigga. She knocked on the door lightly and said in a soft voice “Gus I am putting the kids to bed would you like soup and a blanket?” There was some snores then a grunt then Gus replied “Yes thank you Lacey”

She opened the door to see Old Gus lying on the floor with binoculars in hand, she rushed over to help him up. She looked out the window into the stormy darkness. She spotted something S.O.S, S.O.S, she learned morse code in school. It was the Muckle Bigga. It was stuck in the middle of the sea. Without thinking about the sleeping children she yelled “THE MUCKLE BIGGA!” She woke up the kids and the baby started to cry. Her eldest ran downstairs, baby in arms followed by her little brother. “I’m so sorry I am so so sorry IIIIII” she stuttered.

Chapter 2

She decided the best thing to do is to leave her daughter in charge of the kids. She would have to go out to sea to rescue the many passengers on board but with the boat they had and the storm outside it would be a risky mission. 

She rushed her kids upstairs and told her eldest daughter the plan. Lacey knew she had to do this but she couldn’t bare the thought. She ran downstairs to get ready. She was trying not to disturb Old Gus. He would not be able to go out to sea but Old Gus heard her down stairs fumbling for the key. She would lock them in the lighthouse, it was safer for everyone. If she didn’t lock it her kids could run out or Old Gus . 

Finally she found the keys and grabbed a few blankets and towels. She was going out the door when a shadowy figure walked down the stairs. She wanted to scream but nothing came out. Suddenly the figure spoke it roared “WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING LACEY?” followed by a crash of lightning. She was expecting the kids to wake up but they slept soundly. She was reaching for the door knob, she fell flat on her side over a bag filled with blankets and towels. The figure started to approach her and a hand reached towards her. It grabbed her own hand and pulled her up. She saw it was Old Gus. She breathed a sigh of relief. “Gus never do that to me again!” she said through heavy breaths. “I believe I asked you a question Lacey” Gus exclaimed tapping his foot. “No where Gus just go to bed” replied Lacey.

Chapter 3

“Lacey” said Old Gus “Fine I saw the Muckle Bigga out at sea” she admitted. “Well what are you waiting for? millions people could be dying” said Gus reaching for the door. Lacey ran outside to untie The Storm. Her and Old Gus headed out to sea but wished Old Gus would be inside with the kids looking after them . 

They reached the Muckle Bigga and started to load people onto their boat. Suddenly there was a huge shriek “ma baby ma beautiful baby please save ma baby” said an old plump lady. They loaded the lady on board and Old Gus took two life rings one baby sized and one adult size. Little did he know there was a hole in the life ring. He jumped in with a huge SPLASH into the stormy sea.

The storm grew worse and worse the boat rocking from side to side the sea going higher than the cliffs usually at this time it wasn’t pitch black but on a stormy night it was too difficult to see thought there was probably nothing to see.

Chapter 4

Lacey was worried sick about Gus he was old, 87 to be precise. Lacey who just turned 23 made Gus feel very old. Suddenly through the murky darkness there was baby emerging from the water where Old Gus was. Lacey was ready to jump into the water for Gus but a young man held her back. She started crying. “The storm is too great we will send out a search party tomorrow” said the man. They rowed back to land and took the passengers they had home . 

Chapter 5 the last chapter 

They sent out a search party. They found no one. Gus was dead. The kids and Lacey where devastated. They loved Old Gus. They went with flowers to his grave every Sunday. Lacey would never forget that Old Gus sacrificed himself to saved that baby. R.I.P Gus. He was a brave man everyone adored him and now he was gone life was not as easy for Lacey and there kids they missed Gus.

storm sm.jpg By Kerry P6

The Horrible Storm

One lovely day there were two people called Ann and her son called George. They were sitting in the sitting room watching the weather forecast on the TV. Ann saw the forecast was going to be a lovely day so she decided to hang out her washing. George had to head off to work. After Ann hung out the washing, she went to the doctors surgery for her monthly check-up.

Ann arrived at the doctors. She went in “Hello Ann” said the doctor. “Did you know that there is going to be a storm today?” “No it’s going to be a lovely day” said Ann. Ann suddenly realised that her and George were watching the wrong weather forecast. They were watching the forecast for Jamaica! Then she finished her check-up so she rushed back home to get there before the storm started and to take in the washing.

The wind was picking up as she went home from the doctors. The car was moving back and forwards in the wind. Ann was scared that the car might blow off the road. She was hoping she would get home safely. The wind had got worse when she arrived home. 

Ann arrived home safely and she suddenly saw the washing blowing away. Ann ran after the washing. She went back in her house and then she phoned up George and said, “Come home as fast as you can because you might get stuck” “Why?” said George. “Because we were looking at the Jamaica forecast and this storm is going to get worse!” said Ann. Then thunder and lighting came and there was a power cut. Ann was hoping George would get home safely. She sat in the sitting in the dark worrying about George. After 10 minutes, George came bursting through the front door. The wind blew him in. Ann was relieved that George got home safely.

It was still a power cut so Ann and George decided to play card games. “I think we need a torch because it will be too dark to play a card game” said George. Then Ann got a torch out of her cupboard. She decided to listen to music on her ipad whilst they were playing their card game. Then the power came back on and they watched the weather forecast on the TV. “I hope this is the proper weather forecast” said Ann. “The weather is going to be stormy all afternoon and it will not stop until tomorrow morning” said the weather man. Then they decided to sit and listen to the storm. They heard the wind whistling through the trees and rain crashing into the windows and they could hear the thunder crashing and see the lightning was flashing through the curtains. The power went off again when the lightening struck the hydro poles. After 10 hours, then the hydro men came to get the power back . Ann and George were glad it was back on.

Storm Picture SM.jpeg

By Leah P7

The Storm at Sea

Chapter 1
One dreadful morning, Jim wanted to go fishing and he said “Timmy let’s go outside , we’re going fishing on the Arthur”. Despite the heavy rain, the fierce wind and the dark clouds, Timmy got his wellie boots and his boiler suit on. Timmy shouted “HURRY UP DAD!” Jim replied “I am coming, I am coming” .

They walked up to the pier, went on the Arthur (the Arthur is the name of their fishing boat). Jim checked that the engines are ok because he does not want to get stuck in the middle of the sea. Jim started the engines the they were off to go fishing.
Chapter 2
They went to the middle of the sea, Jim went down to the mess room to get his fishing rods. Meanwhile, Timmy said to himself “the wind has picked up a lot, I will get my jacket just in case I am cold when I am fishing”. Jim gave one of the fishing rods to Timmy and they both started fishing. Timmy caught his first ever fish and he felt pleased because he had never caught a fish before. Jim cooked the fish that Timmy caught and they ate the fish for tea. After tea everyone went to their cabins to sleep.
Chapter 3
It was a new morning, Timmy woke up and went outside, he heard the wind howling like wolves. Timmy shouted to Jim “DAD I THINK WE ARE IN A STORM!”. Jim did not believe Timmy, he was still sleeping. Jim woke up at 10.15, he went outside and he said to himself “it is freezing outside….. wait, Timmy was right we’re in a storm!”Jim said to Timmy “We have to go back home because we’re in a storm”. “Told you!” replied Timmy. So Jim and Timmy started to turn the boat and go back home.

Chapter 4

The waves were getting wilder and wilder. Thunder and lightening had struck. Jim shouted to Timmy “GO TO THE ENGINE ROOM AND TURN ON THE ENGINES NOW WE NEED TO GET TO SHORE!”. “OK, OK Dad” said Timmy.
Timmy went down to engine room, he tried to switch on the engines but it was not working. Timmy ran up to Jim and shouted “THE ENGINES ARE NOT WORKING!” They were both really scared and were panicking. Timmy was trying to steer the boat to go home as best as he could.

Chapter 5

It was night time, Jim was still steering the Arthur. Meanwhile Timmy could not sleep because the storm was still picking up so he helped his Dad on the boat.
Jim phoned the lifeboat and said “can you get me and my son home on your lifeboat please we are stuck in the storm!” “OK” said the lifeboat crew.
Timmy packed his stuff and he heard a big BANG. Timmy come up to dad and said “Dad I think the Arthur has a leak in the boat”.
Chapter 6 – The Last Chapter
“RUN!” screamed Jim. Jim and Timmy ran as fast as their legs got carry them. Jim phoned the lifeboat crew and said “hurry up now” “Ok I am just outside, run to the deck” replied the lifeboat crew.
They went to the deck and saw the lifeboat. Jim said “Timmy you go first”. “Ok but where’s my stuff?” “It’s here” replied Jim. So Timmy got on the lifeboat and Jim went on too. The Arthur sank to the bottom of the sea. Jim was a bit upset because it was his grandfather’s boat but they were glad that they were safely home. They went home and unpacked their stuff and they decided never to go fishing in a storm ever again.

Melissa's Storm Picture sm.JPG

By Melissa P7


Once upon a time there was two fishermen called Jack and John. One fine day they set off to sea then they got ready for fishing. The sky slowly went black. They thought it was going to rain but it was thunder and lightening. The fishermen were worried and scared of the storm so they pulled the net up quickly. The net got stuck on a rock in the sea. Jack called for help and the lifeboat came. They went in the lifeboat to the pier. When they got to the pier they thanked the lifeboat crew for saving them. They went home and they were so happy and their Mam was so happy because everyone was safe.

Emers storm picture.jpg


By Emer P2

How The Mince Pie Almost Saved The Day

It was a calm day, the sea was as still as a statue. The birds were singing. A breeze was blowing. It was a fantastic day.

Meanwhile In The Johnson’s lighthouse, Gavin was watching TV. Gavin was 62 years old but that didn’t stop him from doing what ever he wanted. He wore a yellow rain coat and hat all the time. He had a grey itchy beard but worst of all his breath smelt of fish. His wife Poppins was a very understanding lady. She wore her white hair in a bun. She wore a really colorful tartan dress.Even though she was 61 she was a great cook.

” You know what Poppins I think I will go for a swim today” said Gavin. ” That’s a great idea dear you should go in your fishing boat to get to the sunniest bit of the sea ” said Poppins. “Okay I will go right know” said Gavin and he left in his fishing boat. He rowed across the sea to the sunniest bit of sea and went for a swim.He could feel warm sun shining down on him.Infact, he loved swimming so much that he swam back to shore and left his fishing boat in the middle of the sea!

When Gavin got home it was nearly time for dinner. He could smell the juicy meat inside the mince pie which Poppins was cooking. He could almost taste it but before he could he had to set the table. “Where have you been? It’s almost dinner time” said Poppins. “Sorry Poppins I was having so much fun swimming I lost track of time” said Gavin. “That’s quite all right at least you’re here now” said Poppins. So they sat down and ate their dinner. “Doesn’t the weather reporter look really wet and shaky dear?” said Poppins. “Shush I am trying to listen” said Gavin. Coming from the TV the weather reporter said ” This evening there will be a humongous storm so I would advise everybody to stay inside”.” Okay then we will just stay inside” said Gavin. “I don’t think you can stay inside dear if you want to save your fishing boat!” said Poppins.” What do you mean?” said Gavin. “Well when you went swimming this morning and you went in your fishing boat you must of left it there and swam back “said Poppins. “Oh yes I remember I did swim back” said Gavin. “Well you had better get a move on!” said Poppins.

So Gavin bravely went outside. His heart was skipping a beat as he went down the lighthouse stairs. He was frightened of what the storm could do to him. It could be so bad that it turned into a tornado. Or the wind could blow him into the sea and he could sink to the bottom. But that wouldn’t stop him from saving his fishing boat. So he found his courage and opened the door.

The storm was as ferocious as a lion. The wind was howling like a wolf. But Gavin pretend he couldn’t hear anything. He used a rope to grab the boat. Then just as he thought he was safe the wind picked up and Gavin fell into the sea. He wasn’t going to lose hope yet. He was still holding onto the rope that was attached to his fishing boat. Gavin heaved himself onto the fishing boat and grabbed hold of the ores. He tried to row back to the lighthouse but the waves were too strong for him.

Back in the lighthouse Poppins was getting worried about Gavin. “I hope that Gavin is alright” said Poppins to herself. She looked out of the window and Gavin was struggling to row home. “I have got to help him some how” said Poppins. Then Poppins
remembered what was for tea. ” That’s it! We had mince pie for tea” said Poppins. “Gavin loves mince pie. All I have to do is open the window and let the mince pie’s smell guide Gavin home! I am a genius!” said Poppins. So Poppins opened the window, ducked down and put the mince pie on the window.

Back outside Gavin was still struggling to get home. “I wish I never went for a swim” said Gavin. Gavin then got a whiff of the mince pie. The smell of the delicious food didn’t help Gavin gather enough strength to get home safely. But then all of a sudden, the storm stopped and Gavin rowed safely home. When Gavin got home he never told Poppins that the storm stopped incase she thought her cooking really wasn’t that brilliant. Poppins never noticed the storm had ended because she was too busy cooking more delicious food to keep her mind off worrying about Gavin.

When Gavin entered the house, Poppins was so delighted to see Gavin and was boasting about how the smell of the mince pie saved him.

Abby's Storm Picture sm.JPG

By Abby P4

The Knockout Storm

It was a horrible night in the harbour of the Weird Pier. It was called the Weird Pier because once it was covered in lava and forgotten about. The lamp posts were cracking off and on the tide was coming in fast. Everyone was safe but one girl wasn’t…

A girl was sitting alone in her big scary mansion with her dad at sea. She was called Jenny. She and her dad had stayed in the scary mansion after Jenny’s mum died. After her mum died then the family stopped getting paid, her dad needed a job. He took a job as one of the crew on the boat called The Wonder Weird, the official boat of the Weird Pier.

Jenny was an only child, so when her dad was at sea she felt really lonely and worried. She worried about her dad in case he drowned at sea. She never mixed with other children because she thought they would bully her as they couldn’t afford to send Jenny to school, so she worked in a little small shop for £1 everyday.

It was a normal day and her dad still hadn’t returned. So as normal Jenny walked to work her usual route which passed by the beach. When she reached the shop the crazy News Reporter with the bright orange hair(who Jenny estimated was about 67 years old) was outside the shop. He kept saying “closed closed”. Jenny went up to the news reporter and said “Why is it closed”? He shouted back “BECAUSE OF THE STORM!” but Jenny could just hear muttering under his breath “How many more times will people ask me that”. Jenny decided to go home, her job wasn’t paying much anymore anyway.

Once she got back to the mansion, she ran up to change out of her work clothes so she could go to the beach before dark. She went outside, the wind was getting colder and when she go to the beach, the waves were crashing and splashing against the barriers. She thought she would collect some shells from the beach before they got washed away. Waves were getting foamy and indeed getting bigger.

Jenny had collected some shells and was trying to battle the wind blowing into her face. On her way back a whale landed on the beach. Jenny stood still, hoping this was all a dream. She suddenly fell to the floor unconscious, a wave covered her and with that she was gone…

She awoke lying on a wooden floor. A familiar face hovered over her, but she couldn’t work out who it was. The floor seemed to be moving up and down as she stood up. The wind and rain were trying to knock her over. The wind got stronger and the rain got worse by the minute. Another familiar face said “Come on darling, come inside”. She realised that it was her Dad telling her to come in the coffee room on the boat.

Once Jenny went in she saw the horrible captain smiling he said ” Can you make me a coffee? Take it to my relax room will you!”. Jenny shook her head as she didn’t know how to make coffee. The captain shouted “NOW!”. Jenny had no choice so she tried to make him a coffee. The boat shook and came to a hault. Everyone sat in silence.

“ABANDON SHIP”! screamed the captain. Jenny jumped over the side of the ship holding her dad’s hand. She and her dad swam as fast as they could to get to the shore. They weren’t that far out from the weird pier so when they finally got there they were exhausted. They went home to get dried up.

Afterwards they sat in the big hall that Jenny liked to sit in. Her dad made hot chocolate for both of them. Her dad got paid a lot of money after the really long stormy trip. They had enough money now that they could fix up the house and send Jenny to school.

Since the boat was lost at sea and after the shock of the terrible storm, Jenny’s Dad decided to get a job at the local shop as a shop keeper. The house was all fixed up, Jenny was really enjoying school. She had made two new friends who were called Zoe and Linda. She and her dad loved living the new life.

Sailing picture.jpeg

By Honor P5

 The Big Storm

One day there were two girls called Rose and Poppy and they had a dad called Dave. It was a beautiful day so then they went fishing. Rose and Poppy thought fishing was boring but their dad said it would be really good fun. “Fine” Rose said in a grump. So their dad got ready and 5 minutes later he said “time to go girls” so they set off. Rose and Poppy’s dad had his own boat. When they were out at sea it started to rain. “Oh no it’s raining” said their dad. It got heavier and heavier then it got really rocky. The girls didn’t like it then they went down stairs because it felt like they would fall down the stairs. Then they heard a big BANG! It was thunder and lightning. Then a big wave launched out of the sea. The girls were frightened listening to the noise that the sea made when it crashed on to the deck of the boat. Then the storm stopped. Everyone was calmer then it was spiting then it was sunny again. They went home and everyone was happy again. When they got home there was a storm again. “We got in the house on time” said their dad. When they got home they had some hot chocolate with marshmallows “yummy” said Poppy and Rose. The girls felt safe now they were home.

By Rosie P3

storm picture.png
Hannah's story.jpeg

Hannah's storm picture.jpeg

By Hannah P1

Sofia's story.jpg

Sofia's storm picture.jpeg

By Sofia P1

The storm

There was a lonely man called John who lived in Yell about 50 years ago. He lived in a little wooden shack at the top of the hill. He always wore a boiler suit and he smelt disgusting because he doesn’t have running water in his shack. He wasn’t a bad man but nobody liked him because he wasn’t very sociable.

There was a lonely man called John who lived in Yell about 50 years ago. He lived in a little wooden shack at the top of the hill. He always wore a boiler suit and he smelt disgusting because he doesn’t have running water in his shack. He wasn’t a bad man but nobody liked him because he wasn’t very sociable.

One day John went out to go fishing. It was a poor, rainy day but John still wanted to go fishing on his boat on this bad day. His wooden boat was tiny. It could only fit two people on it. The boat had two oars and one fishing rod. The boat was called the ‘Nellie’ it was a beaten up old boat.
John untied the boat and set off to sea to go fishing. He was in the middle of the sea, far away from the pier when he noticed that his boat was slowly filling up with water. John didn’t worry about the water in the boat because the leak was so small.

The sky was turning darker and gloomier, it wasn’t a happy day, especially because John didn’t catch any fish. The sea was turning rockier and the waves were getting stronger when he was in the middle of the sea. John was feeling dark and gloomy and the weather was worrying him. He thought he better make for shore.
John was reeling up his fishing line then he cut his finger on a hook. Blood came out of his finger and he screamed loudly because it hurt so much. What John didn’t notice was that drops of his blood had dripped into the
sea. A few sharks heard his scream and smelled the blood. The sharks told other sharks to come, it was feeding time!

A few minutes later the sharks banged the boat and John got startled and he nearly fainted when he realised he was surrounded by sharks. Then the sharks swam away as fast as they could. John was glad that the sharks swam away but then he felt the boat shaking furiously. He looked the other way and then he was so worried because he saw a giant TORNADO! It was howling ferociously and spiraling recklessly! It was getting bigger and bigger and closer and closer. Then he saw sharks flying out of the water and into the tornado. John jumped off of his boat and tried to swim away but the tornado kept pulling him back it was no use. He woke up in the middle of the sea and a shark was staring at him. John splashed in the water in panic then he realised the shark was dead. He thought he was dead but he wasn’t. There were people next to him lifting him up out of the sea. He closed his eye and hoped they weren’t going to kill him but the people thought he was dead so they buried him!The End

By Bradley P5

The Silly Sailor
It was breakfast time in the Anderson house and you could hear the wind howling through the foggy windows. The waves smashing against the wood on the door, it felt like an unpleasant visitor knocking.
The day was a special day because it was Henry’s birthday and he was 79. He got a boat for his birthday and he wanted to sail it…….TODAY! His wife was thinking different things, she was thinking he could wait until tomorrow when the weather was better, any weather could be better than this. He got is bright yellow fishing suit on and got the boat from the pier. When he got to the pier he opened his mouth to yawn and he got a mouth full of water sea water because of the sea! Henry wasn’t too pleased but he carried on walking and he hopped on his boat. Luckily the boat had a roof so he didn’t have to get wet. But he could still hear the wind bursting through the window cracks. The rain was smashing on the windows nearly making them crack! The waves were elevated and unreasonably high. The wind is powerful and Henry is feeling very sick and drowsy, he wished he had listened to his wife. He ended up falling over and he though he broke his arm. He was in sooooo much pain he didn’t think he could carry on but Henry was a strong man and he carried driving the boat. The weather was SO terrible that Henry ended up staying on his boat over night. It was even more stormy in the morning. All of the windows were foggy so Henry didn’t know so he opened the window and…………KABOOM he nearly blew out the window! The wind was ferocious it was wrecking the ship. The paint was stripping of like there was no tomorrow and in Henry’s life there was probably not. The waves were knocking at the door like an unpleasant visitor all at sea. Henry was all alone well not quite the waves and the wind were with him and they were not happy!:( Henry was scared because his boat was slowly sinking and he didn’t know what to do! Luckily he saw his home island and he used the last of his engine to get back to shore. He was worrying because he only a tiny bit of fuel left so he jumped out of the boat and the sea was rocking into his face. It was just like a wave machine in those big swimming centers but the wave machines are not dangerous and they wouldn’t make you choke and die but these waves didn’t care and they carried on trying to kill him but it didn’t work and he got to shore and he kissed the ground like mad because he was so glad to be on his home land or just land in genera . He nearly blew over trying to get to his own house and from the pier it is only a few meters away. When he opened the front door it blew off! His wife didn’t mind she was just pleased to see him. He explained what happened to him and his wife took him straight to the hospital. It turns out he did break his arm very badly and he will be in a cast for about 2 months.


By Phoebe P5

Storm At SchoolOnce upon a time it was a sunny day and the school children were outside playing. The sun went in and the wind was building up and they were a thunder storm and the school children ran inside and the lightening striked and the power went off. The children were doing math’s and the light came in the window. All the school children were scared and Max was looking out the window and he saw the swing fell off and the zip line kept bumping into the ramp of the zip line. Max said Ms. Thompson the playground is getting wrecked and the zip line fell off the zip. The rain Got heavier. Max wished the storm would stop. Max looked outside the window and it was hailing and more lightening strikes. All the school children were doing math’s. The school children were looking at the zip line and the swings. Ms. Thompson said when is the power going to go back on. All the school children wished the power would come back on. Ms. Thompson was looking out the window and the rain went heavier and more thunder banged. The wind suddenly stopped and Every thing went quiet. The power came back on. The school children shouted HORRAY. The school children Looked out the window and the children saw the play ground was wrecked with the storm. The school children saw the swing laying on the ground and the slide had landed on its side. Max said Ms. Thompson Look out the window. Ms. Thompson said you have to be careful when you go outside and not go near the playground. The school children went home and they hoped the storm would not come back.

ilerstration for storm writing.jpg

By Neil P3

The Stormy Zoo
Long long ago there was a lion called Lio and a hippo called Happy Hippy. There was also a Zoo keeper called Hopper. Lio lived next to Happy Hippy in cages near to the sea.Sometimes it is really windy like once the door of our cage opened by the… wind! said Lio. As Lio said that, a storm was building up. It was really windy and the sky was getting darker and darker. Lio could see that a tornado was heading for them. They screamed because they were frightened but it was too late they were gone from the ground and they were far up in the sky. The tornado wriggled and jiggled until Lio and Happy Hippy felt sick .They were in the tornado being sick and suddenly they were thrown out of the tornado and they both fell into the sea. They were trapped in the sea by the huge waves caused by the storm. Lio was near to death and felt like he just really wanted to sneeze all the storm out of the way. Happy Hippy was not very sensible because he
tried his best to enjoy the sea without the storm bothering him even though the storm was wild. Meanwhile Lio was doing his best to rescue Hippy before he gets seasick and other terrible watery salty sneezes.So Lio put a plan together.The plan was that first he will wrap his tail around the seaweed with a little bit of luck. Second part Lio will dangle up and down on the seaweed to catch Hippys leg.It somehow worked Lio felt proud of himself and Happy Hippy had never been rescued before so he felt lucky for himself. Lio found a nice hiding place in the sea with Happy Hippy to wait there until the storm finished and then they came out.Later they told Hopper the zoo keeper who felt a little bit sad for Lio and Happy Hippy.So Hopper lived somewhere else with Lio and Happy Hippy happily ever after.

Sonia's Storm Picture sm.JPG

By Sonia, P3

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