Daily Archives: June 13, 2011

The Burravoe Carnival

On Saturday they were a Carnival in Burravoe where everybody dressed up. I dressed up as American cheerleader. We got on the float about quarter to 7 our float was called It’s a  Small World. We had to go on a float from the Burravoe Hall to the Old Haa. Everybodey sat on a bench. I sat by Kay and Brydon on the float. When we got to the  Old Haa we had to wait  for ages for the start. They were 9 floats altogether the Pirates went in front of the procssion because they were playing music. Some of the floats were called Indiana Jones, The Greeks and Steves’s super stars. On the greeks float they were people eat grapes and drinking water. We had to follow pretend vikings as they walked up the road to the Burravoe Hall. A fire engine  followed at the back. There were flares that shot out of one of the floats. Brydon and Kay lost their flags but luckily my flag stayed on the stick.  When we got back to the Burravoe Hall we got told that we were second place and we got fifty pounds to go in to any charity we want. There were a barbecue  at the hall and they were a disco.