Daily Archives: November 11, 2010

Sports day

Me,Bradly and Honr went on the   trampoline it was fun after luch time we did relay races and then it was time to go  back to school and we did a little bit of lesons. My  favourite bit was trampolineing.

sports day

I     went     to    my    furst  trampien   day      and       then     I      went      to      soft    play     and   it    was   fun     and     I    went     to     the       baaontse     casel.    then      we     went       to       mine    kike   then.     I     kikd    a     ball    and       somone      kach   me     then     I     holde     the    ball.     


On Wednesday we did some felting. First we got wool and laid strips of wool from the fleece horizontally then we got another colour and laid that strips verticaly once we had done that we had to do one more layer horizontally and we were ready to move on to the next stage. We got a measuring jug and put in 1tbs of washing up liquid in it and half a jug of hand hot water, we drizzled some of the mix over it. We got bubble wrap and wrapped the wool up in it and wrapped it up in a towel. We then rolled it back and forth 100 times then unwrapped it and turned it 90° then repeated it until we had done 800 rolls. We rubbed it on the bubble wrap for 5 – 10 minutes then picked it up and rubbed it for 5 minutes. We thoroughly rinsed it in cold water  then left it to dry.

Edinburgh Zoo

This afternoon the group who are in Edinburgh went to visit the Zoo. We went in a taxi so we could get there quickly and everyone liked the little seats that faced backwards! We saw lots of different animals and all had different favourites. We watched the penquin walk which was good even though not many penquins chose to walk!

Edinburgh Zoo Penguin webcam