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Outdoor Learning in Ayr

The nursery children had a fantastic day out exploring Ayr, we had a look at some of the shops to see what they sold, got some money out the bank, we learned how to cross the road with the green man! The boys picked where they would like to go on holiday, before using the payphones to book it 🙂 We saw a shop that was selling a Robert Burns picture, and the Steven Brown artshop with the Mccoo before getting a lollipop from the barbers on the way past. Next stop was the ice cream shop for snack, before walking down to the beach for lots more fun, practice sports, building sandcastles, writing our name in the sand and lots more!!!

Smoothie making

Elliott’s dad was keen to come into nursery and share his chef experience with the children. He brought different foods that matched the letters ‘fisherton’ and we had to guess what matched the letter. We all got to try the foods and some were even new…… that we liked! To finish off we all made smoothies which were delicious.