Vision, aims and values

Our Vision Statement

In Cairn we research, change and adapt our practice in order to continually improve our approach to learning and teaching, care and welfare, and support that we provide to maximise our children’s achievement.

We aim to maximise all stakeholders motivation to learning and teaching by ensuring that all are Able, Accepted and Allowed.

Able: we provide opportunities for pupils, staff and parents to successfully develop their personality, talents and mental and physical abilities to their fullest potential.

Accepted: we strive to ensure that all stakeholders feel welcome and respected. We promote inclusion and appreciate the contributions of all to the Cairn community. We promote a strong sense of belonging to Cairn by encouraging all to be active and valued members of our community.

Allowed: we provide a secure and stimulating environment, in which all stakeholders feel confident, trusted and empowered in their learning.


We actively promote respect, honesty, responsibility, tolerance and diligence in our school community.

Our Aims

1. We aim to create a positive ethos by which :
• All pupils are provided for equally
• There is an atmosphere of trust and co-operation between pupils and staff
• There is a safe and happy learning environment
• Staff, pupils and parents feel valued
• Visitors are welcomed
• Staff and pupils are encouraged and motivated as fully as possible

2. We aim to provide an appropriate curriculum for our pupils which will be:
• Staffed and resourced to the best of our ability
• Well planned and evaluated
• Delivered using a variety of teaching methods
• Broad, balanced and continuous
• Effective in ensuring pupils achieve highest possible standards according to their abilities

3. We aim to assist our pupils’ personal and social development by:
• Building their self-esteem
• Developing controlled, responsible behaviour
• Fostering an awareness of the importance of physical and mental health and fitness
• Cultivating an awareness of the range of possibilities open to them for life and work after school
• Encouraging and taking an interest in involvement in community activities
• Developing study and skills

4. We aim to build partnerships with parents and other agencies for the benefit of the individual child by:
• Establishing effective communications and reporting systems
• Actively involving parents in their children’s education
• Respecting and listening to the views of parents
• Building effective relationships with other agencies

5. We aim to help staff develop their full potential by:
• Fostering an atmosphere of openness, support for each other and effective communications
• Staff training which is responsive to national, local and individual needs

6. We aim to respond to educational change by
• Effective development planning
• Building a strong team of multi-agency professionals
• Providing a high quality service with continuous improvement built in.