Lockerbie Blog – Day 1

Our journey down to Lockerbie was quick and the motorways were kind to us. We were given a tour of the site when we first arrived then the children had to haul those large suitcases up the stairs! Our first activity was the Manor Olympics which involved lots of team games and activities and it brought us nicely up to dinner time.

We were first for dinner tonight where the main choices were mince cobbler, chicken & leek pie, vegetable kiev all served with mash, carrots and broccoli. If you still had room there was an Oreo doughnut waiting for you for dessert. 🍩

We had another fire drill before our evening activities which began at 7pm. We had groups out on the blind trail, low ropes and high ropes. Let’s just say some have come back with a few mud splashes!

Our evening activities finished at 8.30pm and there were a few muddy faces and hands needing a good scrub! A quick wash and everyone enjoyed a well deserved treat from the tuck shop. Our final activity of the night was our Lockerbie quiz and our winners will get their prizes on the bus home this Friday.

Everyone is in bed and it’s all quiet…so far. We’ll post more updates tomorrow. Nighty night💤