“Tackling Bullying in Renfrewshire” is the authority’s policy on preventing and dealing with bullying in our school. The policy stresses the importance of involving the whole school community – pupils, parents and all the staff in the school.

You can view the anti-bullying policy by asking the school office for a copy of the document or by accessing the policy online at

Respectme, Scotland’s national anti-bullying organisation provided a very favourable assessment of the policy Tackling Bullying in Renfrewshire, stating;

‘Overall this is an excellent example of a thorough policy and strategy to combat bullying in Renfrewshire Schools and the guidance is head and shoulders above other local authority guidance that has been reviewed to date.’

The school policy on bullying states that:

“Pupils have the right to learn in an atmosphere free from fear and intimidation”

The aim of our policy is to create such an atmosphere.

In Saint Anthony’s we have strategies to combat bullying.

Children are encouraged to report any incident and they should know that this is not telling tales. Parents are encouraged to report any incident of bullying to the Head Teacher or a senior member of staff.