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Online Applications

Online application for free school meals:


(Visit the page and then click on ‘Apply for Free School Meals’ under Related Links on the right hand side of the page)

Online application for clothing grants:  this should reopen on 1 June 2020 or shortly thereafter and information is on the same page as for meals.

Coronavirus – national school closure

Coronavirus – national school closure

The Scottish Government has announced schools across Scotland will close after Friday.


We are working with them to ensure continued support for children and families affected. We will provide more info as soon as we can.


Please follow the council on Twitter @RenCouncil or visit for the latest updates. Visit for health advice.


wb 13.5.19 P3/2 homework




Homework Tasks    


Dinner Menu- week 2

Our P.E days are Tuesday and Thursday.   Please wear polo top on gym days and no jewellery and ensure your child has shorts and sandshoes to change into.  Most children keep a peg bag with their gym kit in class which is handy.  Thank you.

Monday Reading- Your child will bring home an ORT reading book.   Please ask your child to read the book to you.  There are suggestions to assist with the reading in the inside covers of the book.  Your child should return both books on Friday.




Eco Competition – Please complete competition entry to design Eco mascot. This should be returned in pouch on Friday.


Parents’ Night 1




Sounds/Spelling- Your child has been given a jotter with the sounds that we are covering in class. Ask them to read the sound, think of words containing the sound and write these words on the top half of the page.  P2s should then choose two of the words and write two sentences, each containing one of the words, on the lines on the bottom half of the page.  P3s should choose three of the words and write three sentences.  Everyone should try to write ‘uplevelled’ sentences.  Please return jotter, in the pouch, on Friday.  


Reading- Fry’s List. P3s should read words 176-300 and P2s should read words 50-175.  We call these words the ‘tricky words’ in class as not all of them can be sounded out.  Please keep sheet in pouch.


Parents’ Night 2


Friday Please ensure all pouches containing library book, ORT book and completed homework are brought in. Please keep Fry’s List, 100 square, red login sheet and Maths homework grid in pouch when not in use.


Notes Health Week next week and Sports Day next Thursday at 1.30pm weather permitting.


Homework can be done in any order you choose to suit you over the week. It will normally be issued on a Monday and collected on a Friday.  Children should bring their pouches to school every day. If you have put a note/form etc in the pouch please let your child know and remind them to give it to me.  Pouches will be kept in school on Fridays.