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P5S – Tall Ship Trip

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Yesterday we visited the Tall Ship in Glasgow to take part in a workshop linked to our Titanic topic.  Unfortunately the weather was pretty awful but it didn’t dampen the spirits.

First we had the chance to have a nosey around the ship. We also took part in a scavenger hunt. Some of the groups managed to find the soft play area and had lots of fun! We also had the opportunity to learn a little morse code. Can you tell someone at home what the code is for SOS?

In our workshop we became Marine Archaeologists and we found a number of items that may just have been on the Titanic. Some of the items were over 100 years old! There were also a few unusual items that we hadn’t seen before. Can you name any of them? You even had to use your knowledge of coordinates when recording the things you found. I was pleased to see you all remembered how to do this. Well done!

After finding these items, you had to decide whether or not the items were real or fake. It was a little tricky to decide on some of the items.  How did your group do?

A huge thank you to our parent and gran helpers who braved the weather to come with us. To view some photographs from our trip, please access the link below.

Tall Ship Photographs