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P5 – Ramadan

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Ramadan is a major festival in the Islamic calendar. Today you will be learning all about Ramadan and the rituals Muslims take part in during this time.

Learning Outcome:  Through investigating and reflecting upon the ways in which followers of world religions mark major life events and times of year, I can explain key features of such festivals and celebrations.  RME 2-06b

I can show understanding of the beliefs of world religions and explore the similarities and differences between these and my developing beliefs.  RME 2-04c

Please read your task sheet carefully and decide which group member is researching each aspect of the task. Only the links below should be used in this task.

Ramadan: Sara’s Story

Eid al Fitr

Eid al Fitr: The Facts

Newsround: What is Ramadan?

Sawm: Fasting during Ramadan

Ramadan: The Facts  (scroll down to Ramadan)

Ramadan: More Facts

Zakat during Ramadan