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School Football Team Update

The football team played their rescheduled fixture against Bargarran Primary after the recent snow.

After a joint training session a few weeks ago, both teams played out an entertaining draw. It was great to see such positive attitudes during both the training session and the game from both sides.  This was great to see especially with our upcoming transition events as we prepare for Secondary school.

Junior Soccer Sevens

Bishopton Blue and Bishopton Red attended the Junior Soccer Sevens Tournament at Ferguslie Sport Centre. We managed to have 18 boys and girls play in some exciting matches. It was a brilliant event with the pupils playing against a variety of teams. The teams were a mix of some Primary 4, 5 and 6’s which is great for the school football team for the years to come. It was also great to see supporters down cheering the teams on.

Over the last three weeks we have had over 40 pupils represent the school at Badminton, the Soccer Sevens and the Junior Soccer Sevens.
Go Team Bishopton!!!!


Term 3 Active Schools Clubs

8.20 – 8.50am 12.15 – 12.45pm 3.15 – 4.15pm


Monday Hockey


Sophie Little


Mini Kickers
Cheerleading & Commercial Dance
Tuesday Football
Mr McAvoy & Mr Donaldson 
Wednesday Tennis
P1-4Connor McVicar


Emily McLeod
Thursday Multisports
Taylor Burns
Friday Archery
Dance (Ballet/Tap)

Here are the clubs running for Term 3.
Bishopton Primary is now moving to an online booking system for all Active School Clubs.
On this page you will be directed to all available clubs (with the exception of P4-7 Football). Using this online system will cut down on the number of forms you will have to complete and return to the school.

The link is

If you have any problems please contact Olivia Bell (Active Schools and Community Club Officer) on 07810055000 or contact Mr McAvoy in the school.

School Football Team Update

Well done to the football team who once again done the school proud. They put in a strong performance against a resilient Inchinnan side. The game was played in tough conditions and Inchinnan were not helped by an injury at a key moment in the game. We hope their player is okay and wish them all the best for the rest of the campaign.

Next up is a very tough game against Barsail Primary.


Track and Field

A huge well done to Jay, Erin and Rachael who represented our school last night at the Primary Track and Field. Iain Shearer, the Active Schools & Community Club Development Officer for Renfrewshire said “they behaved impeccably, gave 100% at their event and showed sportsmanship across the evening. The pupils were a credit to our schools. They missed out on winning the team prize by only a few points but definitely deserve recognition for their efforts.”

Well done to the three pupils!

Sports Day Update

Weather permitting, Sports Day will go ahead as planned tomorrow, Tuesday 23rd May. If we have to cancel due to weather conditions, we will inform you by text and Blog post in the morning.

Lunchtime Arrangements

Before lunchtime, all pupils will be taken back to class to register and collect their packed lunches, etc. If we have received the signed permission slip to allow them out of school during lunchtime, P4-7 pupils will be sent to the office to be collected.  P1-3 pupils with permission slips will be able to be collected from the Dining Hall Fire Exit (at the greenhouse). Pupils who are not being collected by their parents will be escorted to the field by their teachers.

We hope you have a lovely picnic experience on the field. We ask that you encourage your child to stay away from any equipment that has been set up for the sports activities.

Remember to dress in your House colours to show some team spirit. Eagles – yellow, Hawks – green, Falcons – blue, Ospreys – red. Please wear or bring sun cream even if it looks cloudy, because we will be outside all day. Also, please wear a hoodie or waterproof jacket, just in case!

Thank you!


P5S – Basketball 2

Image result for basketball

Today Anna came in for your second basketball lesson. This week you were adding to the skills learned in our previous lesson.

You were shown how to stand for perfect shooting opportunities – with two feet apart! Anna also taught us all about the B.E.E.F technique:  B: Balance    E: Eyes    E: Elbows    F: Follow Through. You then used this technique in some shooting practice. How did you do? Did you remember to use what you had been taught or were you still trying to score using two hands on the ball?

Next Anna showed you a wee trick that would ensure you scored every time. Some of you found this a little tricky however if you were using the BEEF technique you might have found it easier to do.

We finished off with some game practice where you were to put all of these new techniques into play. Quite a few of you are still forgetting to think about where you are passing the ball. Remember to take your time to look about, see who is free and use the correct passes.

Here are a few action shots from this afternoon.


P5S – Basketball

Image result for basketball

Today we had a lovely surprise when we heard that Anna was coming in to teach us some basketball skills. After some warm-up games you had some lessons on passing the ball. You had the opportunity to use bounce passes and chest passes with a partner. Next you were able to put these passes into practice when you played against one another in a few games. Great fun was had by all!