Summer Wishes

On behalf of everyone at Bishopton Primary School I would like to wish you all a fantastic summer. This has been another challenging year for everyone but by working together we have made it through.

Your patience and support has been much appreciated by all staff.  I truly hope that you all have a great break over the summer.

I hope that you are all able to enjoy a long awaited break this summer and we look forward to welcoming all of our wonderful pupils back to school on Tuesday 16th August.

One thought on “Summer Wishes”

  1. Thank you for all for your hard work! As parents /carers and grandparents we all recognise the exceptional challenges you have faced with two schools shoe-horned into one building and the way you all continued to work through this!

    We have all welcomed Bishopton primary community coming together again at Sports Days, summer discos and all the other exciting summer outings and involvement of community partners and services eg Blue Watch have really made our learners happy going into their holidays!

    Thank you all and have a well earned and enjoyable holiday!😎

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