Uniform Consultation

At the most recent Parent Council meeting the issue of school uniform was raised and it was agreed that a consultation would be put to the Parent Forum (P1-6) to gather thoughts for moving forward.

The Parent Council put forward the following proposals:

  1. From August 2021 the option of a more casual uniform should remain.  Those who wish to wear the more formal uniform can continue to do so and formal uniform would still be worn for significant events and school photographs.
  2. In the formal uniform, the colour of the general items is standardised to one colour moving forward. Both colours (grey and navy)  would be acceptable in the short term but future purchases of new uniform should be in the standard colour.

This would make the uniform choices as follows

Casual Uniform

  • Red polo shirt
  • Navy sweatshirt
  • Navy bottoms (joggers, leggings, shorts- No logos)
  • Dark coloured trainers/ outdoor shoes

Formal Uniform

  • White shirt and school tie
  • Navy or Grey jumper or cardigan
  • Navy or grey trousers/skirt/pinafore/shorts etc.
  • Black school shoes

Gym Kit

  • Red polo shirt or T-shirt
  • Navy shorts, leggings or joggers
  • Indoor trainers or black gym shoes


  • Navy school blazer
  • Navy waterproof jacket

Also please note, uniform supplier have been in touch to say that parents are requesting badged items outwith our agreed uniform.  We kindly ask that you stay within the agreed items in order to keep the uniform to a standard set. We are mindful of the pressures put on parents by children to have the same as their classmates and we do not want parents to feel that they need to purchase any additional items of uniform.

Please complete the form below to confirm your choices. Form closes Sunday 18th April.


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