P7 Leavers’ Hoodies

Good Morning,

We would like to ask that Leavers’ Hoodies are only worn as outer wear.  They should not be worn in class. We are trying hard to keep the upper part of the school uniform as near to normal as possible, even with the relaxed uniform policy of the moment.

We know the children are very excited about their return to school and the transition to high school but would very much appreciate your support to keep as near to normal uniform as possible.

Looking forward to seeing everyone back in school next week.

2 thoughts on “P7 Leavers’ Hoodies”

  1. They have missed out on so much, considering the circumstances, this is a small ask.
    I understand uniform rules are important, however, these are unprecedented times. Therefore, a less rigid approach would be appreciated to allow the P7s to wear hoodies on even on a Friday – without being in fear of getting into trouble and saying they are wearing them as a jacket.

    1. Hi there. Did you see the further Blog on the 9th March regarding the hoodies? We have agreed to let the children wear them to school after Easter. Any further questions please give me a call.
      Kind regards,
      Catherine Davidson

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