Friday 14th August

It was great to welcome more of our pupils into school today.  It was so nice to see our pupils skipping in this morning with a smile on their face.

Tomorrow (Friday) is a big day when we finally welcome all of our pupils back to school.

In the morning the Ashy Path is still a pinch point and we would ask that adults continue to follow the social distancing protocols and stay 2m apart. I know that this is difficult on such a narrow path and queuing may be required. Please move on as soon as your child is in the school grounds to avoid overcrowding. Also please try to leave the gates clear so that those pupils walking on their own without an adult have clear sight of the gate.

In such a confined space adults may wish to consider a face covering for the safety of others.

We are working with our partners to find a solution to this. In the meantime if we work together I’m sure the process will get quicker over the next few days as we all get used to the new routines.

There was some confusion at the end of the day today. It is the first day and so this is understandable.  In the letter posted previously it stated that the pupil day finishes at 3.15.  P1 only will bring their pupils into the playground at 3.00 and will be dismissed from that time as the adults arrive. There is no  need to arrive before this time.

The preferred option for P2-7 is still as few adults as possible in the playground.  A number of P1 pupils have older siblings and these pupils may be released to their parent before 3.15 if the parent is already there.

P2-6 will be dismissed at 3.15. Please make sure your child is aware of the arrangement for making their way home.

We are all getting used to these new routines and there will be teething problems but we will iron these out as we go. This is a new normal for us all and we wont always get it right first time.

As always safety is at the centre of all we do.

P5&6 we can’t wait to have you back.

P5M and P5R should enter via the middle doors and make their way upstairs to Rooms 6&7.

P5C should enter via the upper door and make their way round to Room 9b.

P6 should make their way to the original huts in the playground.

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