School Uniform

Following the announcement about the return to school in August I know that you will be starting to think about school uniform for the next academic year.  

Given that pupils will not, in the first instance, be in school full time and that a significant portion of the time in school may be spent outside, we do not want parents spending a lot of money on uniform that pupils may have grown out of before they have had a chance to wear it.  

Therefore, in consultation with the Parent Council, we would like to suggest the following.  

On return to school pupils wear a red school polo shirt and navy sweatshirt, paired with suitable outdoor trousers and outdoor footwear relevant to the weather conditions on that day. We would also request that pupils come prepared for inclement weather e.g puddle suits or waterproof jackets and trousers.  

Shirts, ties and other items of school uniform can be worn as we return to a more normal pattern of schooling but these will not be essential in the first instance so you may wish to hold off on buying for the time being.  

Should you wish to buy badged polos shirts and sweatshirts these are available from 

Non badged items of uniform are normally available from all high street retailers.  

More information on school uniform can be found in the handbook on our school website. 

The exact details of the return to school are still being worked out and more information will come to you in due course.  

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Parent Council or send an email to 

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