Good Morning – 30/03/2020

Good morning and welcome to week 2 of our home learning. I hope that you all had a nice weekend. The weather was lovely and

I hope you managed to spend some time out in the fresh air whilst staying safe and well.

This weekend some of the staff took part in the #toiletrollchallenge  You may have seen this on twitter but here is the extended version.

Have a great day and remember do what you can. If the technology is being unhelpful go and do something else and come back later.


One thought on “Good Morning – 30/03/2020”

  1. Top marks to all involved in the making of this video. Great fun for all and just exactly what was needed. Staff, children, dogs and toilet rolls, fantastic. Just one question, where did you manage to get all them toilet rolls, you lot must be quite “flush”.
    Keep up the good work. Well done!!

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