Update from Renfrewshire Council for Essential Workers

Please see below for the latest information from Renfrewshire Council.  If you are one of the essential workers detailed below please fill in the form linked at the bottom of this post.

Our schools and nurseries will close until further notice from the end of the school day on Friday, following Scottish Government guidance.

We’re writing to parents/carers to outline the next steps as best we can and will provide regular updates as the national guidance becomes clearer. This is an unprecedented situation and we understand the concern this causes.

There will be no exams for the remainder of the school year, as per Scottish Government advice, but pupils will be supported to complete their required coursework and online resources will be made available for all pupils to ensure learning can continue.

A small number of primary and secondary schools will remain open in a childcare setting for those most in need, including children of essential workers, with social distancing measures in place – we will confirm these schools as soon as possible.

Please be patient with us as we work to make the necessary arrangements during this unprecedented situation.

For fuller information regarding school closures, details of essential workers and a list of FAQs, please visit http://orlo.uk/Schools_and_nurseries_information_dPn0H.

Who is considered an essential worker?

This list is our first phase and we will extend this further if possible.

  • All NHS and social care and associated staff supporting COVID-19 response;
  • NHS and social care workers supporting life threatening emergency work and critical primary and community care provision;
  • Essential staff working for energy suppliers;
  • All other NHS and social care workers and the wider public sector workers providing emergency and critical welfare services (Fire, Police, Prisons, Social Workers, Residential care);

I’m an essential worker, how do I take up this offer?

We are writing directly to all parents and carers to identify who this applies to and the level of interest.

If the list of essential workers applies to you, please fill the out this form via 

Essential Workers – Childcare provision.

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