Field and Pitch Rota – Term 3

Here is the rota for term three. Hopefully we manage to get some kinder weather in the weeks ahead.



  • The field is only open during Lunchtimes.
  • Field shoes must be worn. If you do not have a change of shoes you cannot go down. P1 already have indoor shoes in their classroom however all other classes will need to bring in a change of shoes in for the field.
  • You can only access the field when it is your turn.
    It will either be P1-3 or P4-7.
  • You can only access the pitch when it is your turn. Be careful as these days may be different. Every year group will get a turn.
  • Sadly, if it is raining you will miss your day.
  • Remember to put all litter in the bins provided. Have lots of fun but please keep up the Bishopton Standard.

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