P5S – Titanic Facts Fun

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This afternoon we had our first research task for our Titanic topic. We used the new laptops to find out lots and lots of facts (some of which were very interesting). Can you remember where and when the Titanic left on her maiden voyage? What facts did you learn about the crew? When did the Titanic sink? How long did it take? Please share some of the facts you learned with someone at home.

Using these fascinating facts you were to create a group poster showing your new knowledge. How did your group do? We had a wee chat at the end of the day to see which groups worked well with one another today. I was pleased to see that you were all very honest with your feedback. Please ensure you are discussing any issues which may arise during topic tasks. You are a new group working together for the first time so you may need to compromise with one another at times.

The posters are looking great and I am looking forward to showing them off once they are completed. Just remember they should include facts and it’s not all about the illustrations.

Here are a few photographs from this afternoon.

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