P5 Titanic Facts – 25.4.17

All About the Titanic

Group Task

Part 1: In pairs, group members are required to research information about the Titanic using only the links below. Your information should include:

  • Which company owned the Titanic
  • Where the Titanic was built and by which company, how long did it take from start to finish.
  • Statistics for the Titanic e.g. weight, height, length, number of lifeboats etc
  • Where and when her maiden voyage began
  • Information about the crew
  • Passenger facts
  • When she sank
  • Any other fascinating facts you can find

You should also produce a sketch of the Titanic in your jotter.

You have 1hour to complete the task and share your information with your group.

Titanic the Unsinkable Ship

Titanic Facts for Kids

Fascinating Facts

Cool Facts for Kids



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