Fairtrade Tuckshop

Fairtrade Tuckshop                            

At the last assembly before the Easter holidays P5S gave a presentation all about their Fairtrade tuckshop. The purpose of the tuckshop is to raise awareness of Fairtrade products and to help us move one step closer to becoming a Fairtrade school.

The first tuckshop will be on Wednesday 19th April (first week after the holidays). A group of P5S pupils will visit each of the classes before breaktime to sell the products. This will be the first week of the tuckshop so we hope you will be patient while we get organised!

The market research team selected 5 products that we will sell to start off with. These may change as time goes on and depending on how popular, or unpopular, things are. We would really appreciate it if you could bring the exact money for the things you would like to buy to make it easier for us to get round all the classes.

The products we sell range from 45p to £1.

They are:

Mixed Berries GeoBar – 45p

Chocolate Chewy GeoBar – 45p

Pineapple Fruit Pot – 65p

Flapjack – 75p

Giant Chewy Cookie – 75p

Divine White Chocolate Bar – £1

There will also be the following Free From Chocolate Crispie bar for 45p (gluten and dairy free). 

The tuckshop will run every Wednesday from the Easter holidays until the Summer holidays.



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