P7 – WW2 Bishopton News

Today we received from George O’Neill (a pupil’s parent) about an interesting find of his from a few years ago. He had read in our Twitter feed that I had posted about the unexploded bomb (UXB) in Portsmouth. This story reminded him of his own story about where he lives…

“I work in architecture and a few years back we did some background research on Dargavel (the ROF factory before development started). We found a WW2 German air force aerial reconnaissance photo of the site. Obviously a munitions factory would be of great interest during the war. It got my attention because my house it on it!”

Please see the aerial photo he emailed me (apologies for the resolution – it’s a scan of an old print out.

Mr O’Neill says: “You can see Greenock Road/ Kingston road, the school would be just off the top of the map above the word BISHOPTON. A couple of minor miscalculations by a pilot could have made Bishopton a very different place.”

Wow! What a scary thought!

He also said that while digging in his garden a few years ago he discovered a large metal canister! He was assured it was something to do with drainage but he was very careful when covering it back up…just in case!

Thank you for sharing this amazing photo and your story, Mr O’Neill.


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