Lost Property Has Moved!!

Our lost property has moved to the foyer inside the main entrance of the school.  This should allow parents to quickly locate any missing items when they are visiting the school office.


Lost property is once again accumulating very quickly this term. Please make sure that all items that your child brings to school are clearly labelled with their name. This makes it easier to return the items to their owner. Many of our children have the same or very similar items and without names we have no way of determining who they actually belong to. Please check the names on clothing regularly as names do fade in the wash.

We have a number of jackets in lost property at the moment and pictures are included in this post. We are also still trying to track down a blazer and a red school waterproof jacket that are missing. Both these items are labelled with names and we would appreciate it if you would check just in case your child has put on the wrong jacket at the end of a day.

img_48231 img_48211 img_48201 img_48191 img_48181 img_48171 img_48161 img_48151

Due to the high volume of lost property we will be clearing out on a regular basis so please contact the school as soon as you discover an item is missing.

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