P5H Book Detective Homework – Wed 14th September

Good evening everyone.

Please read on to find your Book Detective homework for next week.

Read chapters 17-19 (inclusive) of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  You should then complete your Summariser segment by writing a short summary (at least 5-6 sentences) of what happened in these chapters in your jotter.  Please remember to complete the Illustrator segment by choosing your favourite part from the chapters you have read, draw and colour one detailed picture and be ready to explain to your group members what your picture is about. Please also remember to choose a paragraph to read aloud to your group and  be prepared to explain your reasons for choosing this part.

This task should be completed and handed in by Wednesday 14th Sept.  If you are late handing in your homework this will be recorded in your jotter.  Please ensure you complete this task otherwise you will have no information to share with your group and will be unable to participate in our class lesson.

Enjoy your evening. I will see you tomorrow although not in class.

Enjoy your weekend.

Mrs Hughes

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