P5H – Homework W/B 29.8.16

Good afternoon. I hope you have all been having a great, relaxing weekend after the busy week we have had.  Well done to you all for the hard work you have done. Here is your homework and some reminders for the coming week.

Spelling: In your homework jotter you should complete your new spelling list.  This will either be List 31 (nk) or List 10 (ge, gi, gy).  I was very pleased with the standard of homework last week.  Well done!  Please remember to include the date and a title (this should be the spelling rule you are learning).

Each word (8) should be written out 3 times, neatly in your jotter.  You should then choose one of the Creative Spelling Activities and complete this with all of your words.  You should also record which activity you have chosen, this should be different form last week.  This task should be returned to school for Wednesday.

Book Detectives: Read chapters 6-9 (inclusive) of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  You should then complete your Summariser segment by writing a short summary of what happened in these chapters in your jotter.  For the Illustrator segment please choose your favourite part from the chapters you have read and draw one detailed picture.  be ready to explain to your group members what your picture is about.

This task should be completed by Wednesday.  Please ensure you complete this task otherwise you will have no information to share with your group and will be unable to participate in our class lesson.

Maths:  Decide what multiplication tables you find most difficult to remember.  Practise these tables as often as you can as we will be starting our table challenge in class soon.  You can learn them anyway that you find helps, including our new clapping song (you could teach this to someone at home).

Here are your reminders for this week.

  1. PE will be on Tuesday and Friday. Please ensure you have a full kit with you.
  2. You were issued with a number of letters last week, please return these to school as soon as possible.
  3. Please remember to have a suitable jacket for our Daily Mile.  You may bring a light raincoat and wellingtons and leave them in school if you wish.
  4. Please remember to show someone at home our class blog. They and you are more than welcome to leave a comment letting us know your thoughts.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  See you on Monday morning.

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