Bio Poems

Here are some of our class Bio Poems




Are joyful, energetic and intelligent

Pupils to Mrs Melville

Lovers of sports, chocolate and technology

Feel happiness, excitement and confusion

Fear wasps, loneliness and no Wifi

Have achieved making a class charter, posting our first blog and being fabulous

We would like happiness throughout the school

We are in the universe



By Adam and Daniel



Primary 6/7

Are loud, friendly, enthusiastic and kind

Pupils of Mrs Melville

Lovers of donuts, sports, animals and art

Feel responsibility, happiness and kindness

Fear spiders, wasps and no electronic devices

Have achieved making our first blog

We would like skydiving, donut factory, professional jobs and Christmas every month

We are in the Solar System



By Maeve and Rachel

Why are we blogging?

“We are starting a blog to hopefully share ideas. We also want to know about what other schools are doing.” Becky

“We are blogging so we have more to show on our CVs.” Daniel

“We are starting a blog to share our learning and so we can find out about other schools, so we can share ideas and learn more. We will keep you informed about all the brilliant things we do in P6/7.” Isla