Egg Business

If you are new to our blog you won’t know this, but last year we hatched chicks. Now our chicks are all grown up they have started laying eggs. Patrick, he helped us hatch the chicks, he set us the challenge to set up a business selling eggs. We accepted his challenge and we called our business
Perthshire Happy Eggs.

Every Monday the chocolate shop wants 36 eggs, but we don’t get that many, so now we are don’t know what to do. Our hens six or seven eggs every day. So that means that we get 49 eggs every week. This week we gave them 24 so we may have to say to Patrick if we can use his hens eggs as well as ours. We have just made our egg order sheet and that helps us keep track of who wants eggs and when they want them.

Erin, our new pupil is the assistant manager and I am the manager. We also made a job rota to tell people what job they are doing. We change jobs every week because otherwise we may get bored of it and this way everyone will get a chance to learn a new job. However Erin and I don’t because a manager stays the same, that’s why we have an assistant manager, so that if the manager is off the assistant manager can step in rather than get a new manager. In a business we have to have lots of skills in able to take on the tasks and we have all of those skills. If you would like to buy the eggs feel free to come around and order some or take them straight away. 6 eggs are £2.50 and 12 are £5.00. So come around and buy some Perthshire Happy Eggs at Grandtully Primary School.