Harvest at Grandtully

Last school year, before the summer holidays we planted tiny seeds in the ground. We gave them some water and pulled out all the weeds so they would get more sunlight. When we came back to school in August all the seeds had grown. This week we have been harvesting our food.
P1 found potatoes
We used our sounds to call them different names ‘t’ for tatties, ‘p’ for potatoes ‘s’ for spuds


We found some very, very tiny carrots


We found lots of neeps!

We are going to put them in our soup for our harvest showcase.

We have two apple trees, we had to pull down the branches and stand on our tip toes to pick the apples. We dried them and wrapped them in newspaper to keep them nice and fresh.



P1 used their drawing skills to tell the story of how they picked the apples.



From P1-3

4 Replies to “Harvest at Grandtully”

  1. Wow that looks great – so you will be doing some healthy eating now I think!!!! No chance of getting fat on the carrots 😉

  2. It was really interesting reading about your harvest. Well done P1 for the great stories. Enjoy the soup!

  3. What a wonderful story you’re telling on your blog. I particularly liked the drawings of apple picking. It made me feel very excited about growing and eating food from our garden. Thank you.

  4. Hi,
    The apples look delicious and the drawing of you picking them are great.
    It looks like you have had a ton of fun and learn a lot about all sort of things: sounds, art and eating!

    Happy Blogging!

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